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A surge of 130% of the consultations for flights to the United Kingdom from France: this is what the Kayak site recorded on 24 June, the day when the British referendum decided in favor of an exit from the European Union.

Kayak – which deals with one and a half billion travel searches each year – reports a surge of 117% of UK applications launched in the period from 24 to 25 June. Finland, + 114% from Denmark, + 102% from Spain, + 90% from Sweden, and + 86% from Germany

Same observation at liligo.fr, where "the trip Paris-London counts an increase of consultations of 34% between the 23 and the 26 of June."

Overall, from its French, Italian, Spanish and American sites, the liligo search engine – which attracts more than 4 million unique visitors per month – recorded an "unusual" increase from +1 to +2.7 points Since 23 June concerning the United Kingdom.

And beyond the simple search for information on the prices of flights, the MisterFly platform even indicates registering from France "+ 60% online bookings of air tickets to London since the Brexit compared to the previous week "

"It is too early to say for sure, but the first trends observed and the devaluation of the English currency suggest that interest in the United Kingdom destination will continue in the coming weeks, especially for European travelers interested in " city breaks" (short stay in a big city) in London to do shopping, "says liligo.com.

The British Pound lost 8.9% between Thursday and its highest point on Thursday, June 23, the day of the referendum.

At the moment, however, no significant impact has been noted publicly for hotel reservations, private rental platforms, or tour operators.

But the negative consequence is that the Brexit is also likely to be damaging French and Spanish tourism, preferred destinations of the British.

"It's completely double-edged: the UK will attract more French, but it's bad news for the French economy because British tourists will come less to the Hexagon which will become a more expensive destination, Jean-Pierre Mas, president of the Companies of the voyage which groups the French travel agencies, summarizes to AFP

Bad news for Normandy

"If 4 million French people go every year to Britain for short stays, there are 12 million British people who come to France for holidays, the imbalance is clear," adds Jean-Pierre Nadir, president of the portal Easyvoyage.

He believes that the Brexit "risks hurting tourism in western France and particularly in Normandy", very appreciated by the English.

A purchasing power weakened by unfavorable exchange rates but also "uncertainty about a future outside the EU" means that "it can be expected that the volume of travelers leaving England will drop," summarizes Liligo.

The search engine indicates "already observed a disinterest on the part of the users of liligo UK for the destinations France and Spain since June 23".

On Kayak, British demands for Europe, all destinations combined, jumped 24% on the day of the referendum result.

And if France was the first country on 24 June, it disappeared from the Top 10 destinations visited and was replaced on 25 June by the Netherlands (requests for flights up 161%), the Czech Republic (+ 146% ), Sweden (+ 140%) or Poland (+ 115%), says Kayak

"If prices increase for the English, there is a risk of a break with this clientele; The reflection must be made at this time (from the French tourism stakeholders regarding their rates, editor's note) because the English will continue to travel but they will have a price-quality arbitration to do, "warns the President of the Union of Tour- French operators (Seto), René-Marc Chikli

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