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But beware, even if vacationers seem to consider the British capital as more affordable, the cost of living remains high. According to the cheapflights.ca site, ticket searches between Canada and the United Kingdom increased by 50% over the weekend following the referendum held on June 23.

The craze is there, but is this the best time to go to London?

"Yes and no," says Paul Arsenault, holder of the Transat Tourism Chair ESG-UQAM. The offer of airline tickets is certainly interesting and the destination – due to the decline in the value of the pound sterling – is less onerous for Canadian travelers than it has been.

Europe could sulk

Mr Arsenault also adds that because of his decision to withdraw from the EU, many Europeans risk sulking the UK by going on holiday elsewhere.

Result: we could see a decrease in the price of accommodation.

In 2015, Canadians traveling to Britain paid an average of $ 289 for an overnight stay in four-star hotels and $ 547 for those with five stars, according to data provided by the on-line reservations website.

If, since the holding of the referendum, it is possible to find rooms for the whole of Britain at a good price, the country, notably London, remains an expensive destination, reminds Benoît Duguay, The School of Management Sciences at UQAM. "What I suspect is a reaction of curiosity," he said. People read the headlines, not thinking too much about the exchange rate and what it costs once there. "

Earlier this week, the pound sterling was worth $ 1.69. It's a benefit to the people here, but it's not a bargain either. "This is not a destination accessible to all," admits Paul Arsenault. England will not become a third world country. "

Several departures from Montreal

The airline offer is very attractive to travelers, as many airlines operate direct flights between Montreal and London. At the time of writing, Air Transat posted its round-trip flight at $ 588 for a departure between September 26 and October 11. For the same period, Air Canada offered $ 723.64 and Icelandair, $ 763.96. For its part, British Airways offers its tickets at $ 706 for departures in October.

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