#LaPresse: “The Trump Empire wants to open new hotels in the US “


"We see significant growth opportunities in the US for our two hotel brands And Scion, ed), said Wednesday in an email to AFP Jennifer Rodstrom, representative of the subsidiary Trump Hotels.

CEO Eric Danziger had been more accurate Tuesday at a conference in Los Angeles. "There are 26 major metropolises in the United States and we are in 5 of them. I see no reason why we should not be able to be present in each of them, "he said, according to Bloomberg.

With this expansion, the group could, according to some critics, indirectly benefit from the election to the White House of its founder Donald Trump and illustrates the potential mixing of genres that lurks the new president.

"The possibility that President Trump could benefit from significant increases in turnover in his hotels because he was elected president reinforces the serious concerns … of conflicts of interest," wrote four elected officials on Monday Democrats in a joint letter.

Mr. Trump also held the risk of violating a constitutional provision prohibiting an elected official from receiving payments from abroad if nights were paid by non-US clients.

In mid-January, one of his lawyers rejected this interpretation while assuring that Mr. Trump would return to the US Treasury all the profits derived from the stays of foreigners in his hotels.

Despite these risks, Mr. Trump refused to sell his assets in his group but entrusted the management to his two eldest sons while banishing any contract abroad in order to avoid interference with American diplomacy.

According to Bloomberg, Danziger announced Tuesday the abandonment of a project in China. Asked by AFP, the group did not wish to comment.

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