Trump urges Flynn to seek immunity to testify | Chad Day, Eileen Sullivan, Julie Pace


On Friday, Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account that Mr. Flynn, whom he had dismissed last February, is facing a "witch hunt". The president vehemently denies any collaboration between his team and the Kremlin.



The day before, Michael Flynn's lawyer said he was in discussion with the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees to ensure his client was not "unfairly prosecuted" if he accepted To be questioned. M e Robert Kelener maintains that "General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he eagerly wants to tell it, if circumstances permit."


Counsel argued that no "sensible person" who had been legally counseled would answer unreliable questions that she would not be brought to justice, given the appeals of certain members of Congress for the filing of criminal charges Against the retired lieutenant-general.


A source in Congress confirmed on condition of anonymity that discussions with the Senate committee had addressed the issue of immunity.


House of Representatives Spokesman Jack Langer said that Mr. Flynn had not offered to testify in exchange for immunity.


Mr. Flynn's ties with Russia have been scrutinized by the federal police and are part of the investigations by the two Intelligence Committees which are also investigating possible Russian interference in the last US presidential election and any links between relatives of Mr. Trump and Moscow.


White House spokesman Sean Spicer argues that the president simply wants Mr. Flynn to confide and that Mr. Trump has nothing to fear from this possible testimony.


A chairman should not intervene in ongoing investigations. The implications of Donald Trump's Twitter publication remain obscure.


Michael Flynn himself declared last September that "if you get immunity, that means you probably committed a crime," referring to Hillary Clinton's email scandal.


Congress has the power to grant immunity, but at the risk of harming prosecutors who wish to articulate a case around subsequent testimony.


Mr. Flynn resigned as Senior National Security Advisor after it was revealed that he had misled the Vice President on an interview with the Russian Ambassador during the transition to the US presidency.


A few weeks after he left office, Mr. Flynn had registered with the Department of Justice for his work as a lobbyist, who could have benefited the Turkish government. He held this job, which allowed him to pocket US $ 530,000, while he supported Mr. Trump in his campaign.


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