“7 Finance and Career Books for Women”


Behind every power woman is a hoard of advice and guidance from mentors, advisors, and parents. It’s true. It takes a village to become a boss. Just ask Beyoncé. Whether you’re a recent college grad, know a recent college grad, or you’re just a woman out in the world trying to make money and win at her career, your journey navigating the complicated job and finance landscapes can be challenging and full of questions.

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How much should you be saving? What are you even saving for? How do win at work? Is a proper work-life balance just a myth? No matter where you are personally and professionally, it’s likely you’ve spent a good chunk of time scratching your head while trying to figure it all out. Fortunately though, like most things in life, there’s a book for that.

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Well, books, actually. For the woman just trying to get her foot in the door or the women who wants to completely change her job, for the woman saving for vacation or the woman saving for retirement, there are tons of books full of fool-proof advice from the finance and career experts that know best.

Keep scrolling for some of our favorites and get set for success.

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