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The 216-page book contains many errors and incongruities, hastened to remark, outraged, great fans of the popular amusement park anchored in Orlando.

Nathalie Lachance's most surprising assertion? That "the castle of Cinderella will soon be transformed into the palace of Elsa, the Queen of Snows". Checks made, it is a fish of April that allowed itself to make Disney, the 1 er April 2015.

Quickly alerted, the management of the publishing house reacted swiftly. She has already entrusted to a great connoisseur of the universe of Walt Disney, Yves Douville, the care to correct inaccuracies and to improve the contents of the book. The latter has been communicating his passion on his WDW Magic site and Facebook for five years.

The update should be completed by the beginning of July and can be downloaded, reveals Catherine Richer, Press Attaché for Les Éditions de l'Homme. In bookstores, a self-adhesive pellet will be affixed to each guide, indicating where to find additional information. It will be available as a printable PDF document.

"It is a shame," says R me . The book was made with all possible good faith. The publishing house makes it a point of honor to offer high-quality books that will appeal to readers. It is in his DNA to do it seriously. That's why she does not intend to laugh and takes quick action. "


The book Disney World without error by Nathalie Lachance, to the Editions de l'Homme

Picture provided by the Editions de l'Homme

Since the print run is not huge, the publishing house expects the book to flow pretty quickly. "If there is a reprint, and the decision is not yet taken, the content will be absolutely reviewed and corrected", assures Frédérique Grenouillat, director of communications at Éditions de l'Homme

A good tool to plan your trip

Beyond the factual errors raised, all of the information given can really help plan a future trip to Walt Disney World, she notes. "It remains a very relevant guide," she says.

Those who have never visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom will be able to better understand what to expect when browsing the book. It will be easier for them to choose the hotel and the restaurants that suit their tastes and budget. They will also be able to target the rides most likely to make them vibrate. They will be able to enjoy it better, once there!


Disney World without going wrong. Nathalie Lachance. Editions de l'Homme, 216 pages, $ 29.95 ($ 22.99 in digital format).

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