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At Magic Kingdom, the festive atmosphere becomes tenfold, when evening comes when Cinderella Castle is transformed into an ice palace, thanks to the good care of Elsa, the queen of snow. Uh and ahhhh guaranteed!

Dominating the amusement park, the castle shines a thousand lights, conferring even more brilliance to the illuminated buildings it overlooks, along the main street.

Some evenings (most Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until December 22), the fairy goes up another notch when Mickey invites his many friends to a Christmas party which extends until at midnight and includes all kinds of special activities.

Suddenly, the rides become secondary. And the cookie hunt takes over, leading visitors to the four corners of the park as soon as they have time to breathe. The most seasoned have planned the coup, having brought a resealable bag to stow some of their booty … and avoid an overdose of sugar.

The evening is busy. Four times, with his infectious good humor, Mickey receives at the foot of the castle the visit of an impressive number of friends, who come to dance and sing a succession of Christmas songs. Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto are soon surrounded by Annabelle, Woody and Jessie. Then, join Alice and the White Rabbit, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, Snow White and Simplet Dwarf, Peter Pan and Wendy, happy to be together to celebrate the happiest time of the year.


The parade, during Mickey's Christmas features an impressive line-up of characters from Disney and Pixar movies. The most beautiful surprise: Cinderella and her prince charming, in a coach of glass pulled by white ponies.


The schedule should be checked regularly to make sure you do not miss anything and study the map to find out where to meet rare characters such as Jack Skellington and Moana. The atmosphere is magical even in more remote corners of the place, thanks to the projection on the ground and some buildings of giant flakes and other images of season.

Then comes the beautiful parade, which crosses a good part of the park and features an impressive succession of characters straight out of Disney and Pixar movies. The most beautiful surprise: Cinderella and her prince charming, in a coach of glass pulled by white ponies. The snowflakes that fall nicely from the top of buildings also deserve a special mention.

Even the famous fireworks are in the spirit of the holidays. On evenings featuring Mickey and his friends, the fade accompanies Christmas tunes. The other nights, the visitors settle up to two hours in advance in front of the castle to miss nothing of the moving show entitled Happily Ever After . Lined with spectacular projections on the palate, which is transformed according to the themes addressed, the fireworks is simply fascinating!

* Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party . The purchase of a ticket is required. Admission to the park from 4 pm Cost: US $ 95 (10 years and over), US $ 90 (3-9 years). US $ 109 and US $ 104 on December 19, 21, and 22.


Some pre-determined evenings until December 22 at Magic Kingdom, the magic goes up another notch when Mickey invites his many friends to a Christmas party, which extends until midnight and includes all kinds of 'special activities.


Hollywood Studios

Spotlights are put to use in strategic places to immerse the park in a festive atmosphere. On Sunset Boulevard, lined with palms that regularly change color and withstand the falling snow, visitors have eyes only for the Tower of Terror. It comes alive throughout the evening, transforming itself (among other things) into a gingerbread house and a gift. The icing on the cake: the show Jingle Bell Jingle Bam! where the projection of striking images on the Chinese Theater and the impressive fireworks make the crowd vibrate in a holiday atmosphere.

Until December 31


The Epcot Festival International of the Holidays is particularly interesting in the section of the park devoted to the countries of the world. In their own way, the 11 countries scattered around a body of water present some of their traditions during the holidays. Most offer a few dishes, desserts and drinks typically served at Christmas, in stalls similar to street food trucks. In Canada, both traditional "French-Canadian" pie and maple Christmas log, both quite good, are available. Everywhere, the dishes cost from US $ 4 to US $ 8. Everyone decides whether they will be watered …

Until December 30

Disney Springs

A short distance from shops and restaurants, the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail is worth a visit. To discover: 25 (!) Christmas trees decorated in an original way on as many themes straight out of Disney movies. The attention to detail to faithfully represent each story is incredible, whether it be Moana The Snow Queen Cinderella Lilo & Stitch Peter Pan The Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast etc. Two favorites: the blonde braid serving as a garland in the Rapunzel tree and the tentacles recalling Ursula styling the tree dedicated to the wicked.

Until January 7

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