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KANYOSHA, February 3, 2018 – Kanyosha Star Football Club, former “Cargo Football Club”, is very pleased to announce to the public the good news about the Success of the Team in matches that it has been playing in this soccer season of the Muha Football Cadets Association after the team “Cargo FC” was acquired by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva through the NGD Foundation that owns the Star Football Academy

On January 29, 2018, after Cargo FC was acquired into the Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation, the team joined other 6 teams that are under management of the Star Football Academy. Cargo Football Club then became the 7th team in the Academy and also changed its denomination to “Kanyosha Star Football Club”. The history of Cargo FC, which plays in Cadet and Minim divisions, is that it was owned and run by its former coach, Mr. Vianney Bigirimana until it was acquired by the Founder of NGD Foundation.

The Star Football Academy is now made of 7 training centres based in two provinces of Burundi, namely the Province of Rumonge and the City Province of Bujumbura. Each soccer training centre comprises a team. Therefore, there are 7 soccer teams in the Academy, namely: Kagongo Star FC, Minago Star FC, Rutumo Star FC, Magara Star FC, Rutunga Star FC, Gitaza Star FC, and Kanyosha Star FC.

The team “Kanyosha Star FC”, being part of the Star Football Academy, is thus a property of the NGD Foundation (which owns the Star Football Academy) through its Department of Sports and Arts. The main purpose for the team is the train and raise soccer players to professional standards in Burundi.

Kanyosha Star Football Club was founded on February 3, 2018 after acquiring Cargo FC by Mr. John-Clinton Nsengiyumva through his philanthropic organization, the NGD Foundation, and it is based in the Kanyosha Urban Zone of Muha District of the City of Bujumbura in the Republic of Burundi. Kindly visit www.KanyoshaStarFC.com for more information about the team and soccer games in the region.

For interview or any inquiries about the team, please contact Mr. Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA, Coordinator of the Department of Sports and Arts in the NGD Foundation, on telephone number: +257 75 422 030 or email him at: nlameck@nsengiyumva.org

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