François Hollande denounces the loss of "dignity" of François Fillon


"I do not want to enter the electoral debate, I am not a candidate, but there is a dignity, a responsibility to be respected. I think that Mr. Fillon is beyond now, or deca, "mentioned the top of state at the radio Franceinfo.


On Thursday night, François Fillon denounced a "scandal of state" and accused Francois Hollande of organizing on the head of a "black cabinet" the leaks within the press on its judicial affairs, all the way through a tv program on France 2 .


Asked about this meant "black cabinet", Mr. Hollande spoke back: "Listen, there is a cabinet happily working, but we do not have to meddle in business and you know my position, it has always been Independence of justice, respect for the presumption of innocence and never interfere. "


François Fillon noticed his candidacy waver after revelations in overdue January at the alleged fictitious jobs of his spouse Penelope and two of his kids as parliamentary assistants.


These revelations culminated in his indictment ultimate week – a primary for a big candidate within the French presidential election – significantly for embezzlement of public budget.


François Fillon, 63, a former favourite of the polls, is now outstripped by way of excessive right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, former Minister of Socialist President Holland repositioned on the middle.


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