Police raid against visa fraud network for Chinese


According to the FBI, US federal police, the main suspects were helping Chinese to obtain residence permits in the United States against alleged investments.


No formal charges, prosecution or arrest have yet been announced as part of these police operations that took place in the San Gabriel Valley, in the eastern suburbs of Los Angeles.


According to an affidavit of an FBI investigator who participated in the investigation, Victoria Chan, a Californian lawyer and her father, Tat Chan, convinced as of 2008 more than 100 Chinese to invest up to 50 Million US dollars in a California Immigration Investment Fund (CIFF) and other affiliates to obtain an investor visa under the EB-5 program.


It permits a permanent resident permit – the famous "green card" – against investments of at least $ 500,000 in a company in the United States that must also create at least ten jobs in the country.


"Because of this fraudulent system, many foreigners have improperly obtained green cards through the EB-5 program when they have not actually invested in US companies and no new US jobs have Was created, "commented FBI special agent Gary Chen in his statement.


Many of the beneficiaries of the fraud were fugitives on the list of the 100 most wanted people in China, accused of corruption or abuse of power.


Victoria Chan and her father promised investors a full refund of their funds but kept some of them to buy homes worth millions of dollars for themselves and for the companion of Tat Chan, a Chinese citizen.


They also submitted to the US federal authorities several investment projects that never came into being.


The EB-5 program was created in 1990 to stimulate the US economy through job creation and foreign capital investment.


Nearly 90% of these residence permits were issued for Chinese citizens in 2014, when the program reached its quota of 10 000 visas and had to stop accepting new applications.


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