Police officer recorded swearing and dropping the “R” word to make fun of Sask. man – Saskatoon


Saskatoon resident Bronek Hart is looking for an explanation after receiving a voicemail from city police where the officer is heard swearing, using the r-word and making fun of his name. Clearly not realizing the recording had started.

The female officer who left the voicemail at 4:18 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5 can be heard saying the following to a male officer in the background:

“Bronek, who names your f***ing kid Bronek? Retarded.”
“Yup, first name Bronek. Last name Hart.”

“It’s like they took the word broken and made it Bronek, Hart.”

Police were calling Hart to follow up on his car being robbed in November.

“They contacted me yesterday. I missed the call, I was on the phone with someone else at the time so I sent that call to voicemail. Then I checked on the call later and heard the voicemail. I was rather appalled,” Hart explained.

“It was hard to hear that’s how police talk to people. I mean they’re mocking people, that’s bullying.”

On top of that, Hart says the whole situation makes police involvement in anti-bullying events like the #NoGoodWay to use the “R” word campaign seem insincere.


“This is right after their campaign against bullying. Specifically they had an event on the U of S campus last month against using the “R” word, which is exactly what was used in their conversation here,” Hart said.

Police Chief Clive Weighill issued the following statement in response:

“The comments made are inappropriate and do not meet the high standards expected of our members. Our Professional Standards Officers have reached out to Mr. Hart and an internal investigation will take place.”

Hart plans on filing a formal complaint with police and says a new officer has been assigned to follow up with his robbery file.

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