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David Dao left on Wednesday night to the hospital in which he was cared for since the incident occurred Sunday in Chicago, Said Thomas Demetrio at a press conference.

Mr. Dao's 69-year-old lawyers filed a motion in a Chicago court for the municipality – which operates O'Hare Airport – and United Airlines to preserve all the elements related to the incident. They said prosecutions would follow.

"This trial, among other things, with a bit of luck, will not only lead to a debate at national level but also an international debate on how we will be treated in the future," Demetrio said.


"For a long time, airlines and United in particular have been abusing us," he said.

The uploading of photos and video showing airport security officers dragging the passenger to the ground – bloody face – in the corridor of the plane to expel him from an overbooked flight between Chicago and Louisville aroused indignation (19459005)

After 48 hours of floating, the CEO of the company apologized.

After a 48-hour float, the company's CEO apologized. ]
In a statement after the Dao lawyers' press conference, the airline reiterated its apologies and assured that "concrete and immediate actions" were going to be implemented to ensure that this "horrible situation" did not happen again.

Starting with the non-use of security forces to evict passengers of aircraft, except in case of security problems.

According to his lawyers, Mr. Dao also presents sinus lesions and lost two teeth.

"My father is recovering now," said Crystal Dao Pepper, one of the five children of the man who has lived in the United States for several years. "We are absolutely horrified and shocked by what happened to my father," she said.

The US Department of Transportation on Tuesday opened an investigation "to determine whether the airline has complied with overbooking rules."

US airlines may force passengers to leave overbooked flights in return for compensation if they can not find enough volunteers.

In this case, United Airlines claims to have offered 800 dollars to passengers ready to give up their seats. But for lack of volunteers, she designated passengers to disembark.

The company is committed to conducting an internal investigation to examine, among other things, how its teams handle overbooking situations and its compensation policy. The findings are expected to be released on April 30.

Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau has sent a letter to all airlines operating in Canada to Politely claim assurances from them that United Airlines' treatment of one of its travelers will not be repeated.

Earlier this week, Minister Garneau said he was "disturbed" by the video that went around the world and caused financial troubles and unrest in United Airlines.

Minister Garneau drafted a letter from The Canadian Press.

He demanded the full collaboration of the airline compatriots when the charter of the rights of air passengers that promised since last fall will come. The Minister expects this charter to come into force in 2018.

– Lina Dib, The Canadian Press

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