#LaPresse: « The museum of 9/11 crosses the 10 million mark « 

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Opened in May 2014, the museum is located mainly in the basement, Among other things, a part of the foundations of the two twin towers that collapsed on 11 September 2001 after being deliberately impacted by an airliner.

In 2016, it welcomed more than three million visitors, told AFP a spokesman, making it one of the four most visited museums in the city with the Museum of Modern Art (about 3 million According to figures published in 2015), the Natural History Museum (about 5 million) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (6.7 million in 2015-16).

The museum of September 11 received visitors from the 50 states of the United States as well as 160 countries.

Taken by tourists, he recently tried to attract more New Yorkers, notably through a campaign featuring local personalities, Our City. Our Story .

The campaign, which began in 2016, "recognizes that it may be difficult for New Yorkers to visit [le musée]but by doing so, visitors find a place to reflect, Their mourning, "says the institution.

The 11 September memorial, which is next to the museum and includes an esplanade and two basins to the dimensions of the fallen towers that day, has been visited by 33 million people since its inauguration in September 2011.

Attacks on the World Trade Center towers, carried out by al-Qaeda hijackers, killed more than 2750 people. The remains of only 1640 people could be identified.

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