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We can’t move forward if half of us are held back.

I’m proud to be part of a team that’s making real progress on women’s rights, equality, and economic success. And that progress is important not only for women, but for all Canadians.

By taking real action to advance gender equality and increase women’s participation in the workforce, our economy will be able to unlock an entirely new level of growth and potential.

Our Liberal government is supporting women entrepreneurs, newcomer women, and women in the trades, and taking concrete steps to encourage women and girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. We’re standing up for women’s rights and ensuring that all Canadian women have access to safe and legal reproductive and abortion services. And just this past month, our Liberal government announced that we would be supporting the new Equality Fund – making Canada the single largest investor in women’s rights organizations both at home and around the world.

That’s what real progress looks like.

And while Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives stand in opposition to women’s fundamental human rights – 12 Conservative MPs were at last month’s anti-choice ‘March for Life’ rally – the Liberal team is focused on making real progress and ensuring we’re ready to defend the rights and equality of all Canadians at every opportunity.

We must continue to find solutions, to break barriers, to push back against the push back, and to take action to advance gender equality. I’m counting on your support to help continue building on our important work.

With less than 4 months until Election Day, our teams are gearing up to run competitive campaigns across the country and help protect this progress, and so much more. Because when it comes to continuing to build a better and more inclusive future for all Canadians, there is much more work ahead of us than behind us!

Chip in now towards the 2019 Re-election Fund to help Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team earn another mandate this fall – and be sure to enter to win a chance to join the team on the campaign plane!

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Maryam Monsef

MP for PeterboroughーKawartha

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