#CanPoli: NDP: Fast-track Bill Requiring Sexual Assault Training for Judges. #CDNPoli

OTTAWA – Today, New Democrats are asking all Members of Parliament to support a motion that would fast-track the passing of a bill that requires sexual assault training for judges.
“Survivors of sexual assault deserve to feel heard and supported in our justice system. Additional training for judges about sexual assault will ensure survivors’ wellbeing is being considered throughout the process,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “Canadians expect us to support this important bill to help survivors and to work together with all members of the House to make sure this happens as quickly as possible.”
The NDP motion proposes that the government bill is passed as quickly as possible since the content is almost identical to a bill proposed by former MP Rona Ambrose which was passed unanimously by the House. The previous bill was brought forward in the last parliament and seconded by New Democrats but was delayed and eventually died on the order paper in the Senate.
“The criminal justice system can be really daunting for sexual assault survivors. It takes a lot of courage to tell your story and seek justice. The least we can do for these survivors is to make sure judges have the proper training to engage fairly and respectfully,” said Singh. “I hope all members of this House will stand with survivors of sexual assault and work with us to pass the bill immediately.”
The text of the NDP motion:
That, notwithstanding any Standing Order or usual practice of the House, Bill C-5, An Act to amend the Judges Act and the Criminal Code, be deemed read a second time and referred to a committee of the whole, deemed considered in committee of the whole, deemed reported without amendment, deemed concurred in at report stage and deemed read a third time and passed.

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