#CanPoli: NDP Calls on Liberals to Make Changes to Improve Media Support Fund. #CDNPoli

OTTAWA – Ahead of this year’s federal budget, the NDP is calling on the government to make some key changes to the federal media support fund. The first change would move the cap for a salary admissible for a tax credit from $55,000 to $85,000. The second change would increase the amount of the salary admissible for a tax credit from 25% to 35%. These changes would bring the fund in line with a similar program offered by the Quebec government.

“The Liberals promised this help, but made the criteria so narrow that it remains largely inaccessible,” said NDP Deputy Leader and Heritage Critic, Alexandre Boulerice. “We are proposing changes that would make the program more efficient for print media.”

The Journalism and Written Media Independent Panel of Experts put forward these recommendations and News Media Canada, which represents over 700 outlets, also supports them.

“Stakeholders all agree that the support program needs to be improved and this can be achieved within the existing budget,” added Pierre-Elliott Levasseur, president of La Presse. “We applaud everyone who has been working towards this, and thank the NDP and Alexandre Boulerice for giving this the attention that it deserves.”

“Media has an important role to play in our democracy, but that role is under threat as we see local newspapers shutting down and less and less diversity in who is publishing the news Canadians depend on,” said NDP MP Heather McPherson who sits on the House of Commons Heritage Committee. “The proposed changes would help media outlets to continue to contribute to a healthy democracy.”

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