#FRAPoli: Christian Jacob calls for quick installation of elected municipal councils to “restart the economy” – #FrancePolitics

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Republican (LR) President Christian Jacob called on Thursday to “quickly” install elected municipal councils in the first round of municipal elections to help “kick-start the economy.”

“Out of 35,000 municipalities, there are 30,000 municipal councils that were elected” on March 15. “They must be installed so that they can deliberate validly,” said Jacob, who made the request Thursday morning during a videoconference meeting with the Prime Minister and the leaders of the parties, told AFP. parliamentary groups.

“Local authorities have a decisive role in public procurement” and “the longer the installation of these municipal councils is delayed, the more public procurement will also be shifted,” she warned.

“In sectors like the construction industry, it has dramatic economic consequences because they are very dependent on public procurement, while they are very much in demand for jobs,” he said.

According to him “it is necessary to link” this subject “to the end of confinement. But we can also perhaps install the advice by videoconference ”.

“It is not a subject of political politics, it is a very concrete subject, how one makes restart the economy”, added Mr. Jacob, by emphasizing the case of the inter-municipalities (EPCI, public establishments of inter-municipal cooperation) “Who often have economic competence”.

“Until the elections are over, you cannot install the EPCIs” because there are sometimes “elected mayors and other unelected mayors” in these intermunicipalities.

This is why “the more the elections are shifted, the more catastrophic the economic consequences will be,” he warned.

A further postponement of the second round of municipal elections, originally scheduled for March 22 and already postponed to June due to the coronavirus epidemic, was raised at the meeting on Thursday morning, but the head of government “has not given date ”according to several AFP participants.

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