#FRAPoli: Daniel Fasquelle: “The State must put its actions in line with its words” – #FrancePolitics

Daniel Fasquelle, vice-chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee at the National Assembly and deputy for Pas-de-Calais, wants the government to clarify the business assistance plan.

What do you think of the business assistance plan?

These measures are essential, but there have been far too many delays. It is necessary to clarify the system and to complete it, as I have been asking since March 24. The issue of partial unemployment was the most problematic. The companies were asked to return to work after being told to stop everything. Tense discussions with the construction industry perfectly illustrated this lack of clarity. On the ground, the implementation of the plan remains very uneven, chaotic, and the question of funding remains raised. Clearly, the government has underestimated the needs. The state must bring its actions into line with its words.

Your bill for the recognition of a state of health catastrophe was not retained …

Unfortunately not, when that would have enabled insurers to intervene for the operating losses of many companies. The French Insurance Federation simply replied that it would work with the government “to design an insurance product in the event of a major health crisis”. All of this is deeply shocking because what matters is the very serious crisis we are experiencing today.

What risk have you identified on small business rents?

The President of the Republic announced their suspension, but no text gave substance to this announcement. Unless the donors are willing, traders and freelancers will be required to pay. If the confinement lasts, many shops without any recipe will not be able to recover.

Why do you think the responsibility of business leaders is involved?

The government has asked them to take significant risks to continue operating essential services. Their employees are therefore very exposed. Calling them heroes will not be enough. The time will come when the government will have to be accountable and explain to us why containment was not decided earlier and why nothing was anticipated on the manufacture of protective equipment.

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