#UKPoli: Ed Davey Responds to Keir Starmer Being Elected Labour Leader – #UKPolitics

At this moment of national crisis, the role of all opposition parties must be to support measures to tackle the coronavirus, whilst also standing up for the most vulnerable by properly scrutinising the Government. I look forward to working with Keir Starmer on that task.

Saving lives from coronavirus remains the absolute priority. Vital issues such as expanding testing capacity, access to adequate protective equipment for frontline health and social care staff, and ensuring the most vulnerable are not left behind as a result of the economic uncertainty are at the top of the agenda.

Liberal Democrats will always work with whoever we can to pursue our liberal values, to fight for action on the climate crisis and to build a more caring and just society. In those areas where we share common ground, Liberal Democrats and Labour now have an opportunity to work together, along with other progressive forces.

As the chapter closes on one Labour leader, we hope the new one can see the Labour party play a constructive role in building an effective multi party opposition. That will be the litmus test of Keir Starmer’s leadership.

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