#FRAPoli: Eric Ciotti: “Talking about deconfinement is a serious government error” – #FrancePolitics

This morning, Eric Ciotti, Member of the Alpes-Maritimes and Vice-president of the fact-finding mission to the National Assembly on the COVID19 epidemic, was Sonia Mabrouk’s guest in La Matinale d’Europe.

Asked about the alarm cry from the health authorities regarding the loosening of containment, Eric Ciotti recalled the importance of respecting confinement. Zero tolerance, sanctions must be applied throughout the territory of the Republic.

For Eric Ciotti and all the Republicans, it was premature to speak of deconfinement. It was completely unwise to make speeches on this subject in the face of the terrifying toll of the epidemic and the ever-increasing number of resuscitators. He recalled the precautionary principle and the importance of not lowering your guard.
We are not yet ready, we will be able to speak to the French about deconfinement only when we are able to be:
– better equipped and armed with reliable serological tests
– better equipped, with masks for all French people.

Eric Ciotti returned to the ambiguity in which the government finds itself. If today, there is no compulsory wearing of a mask, it is because we do not have them. Neither for the population, nor for the professions at risk, nor for the police, nor for the nursing staff.
You have to be pragmatic, at the moment the countries which have succeeded in curbing the spread are the countries which have implemented massive tests and the compulsory wearing of masks (Korea, Singapore, etc.).
It seems obvious that there was a lack of clarity in the management of the crisis, as of January, the government did not speak the truth on the situation and was locked in a carefree communication in which ” wearing a mask was useless and dangerous ”. Today, we are witnessing a reversal of discourse.

The French know it, a great Head of State is taking shape in the face of the crisis. When Nicolas Sarkozy was faced with a similar health crisis, he set up a system for the massive purchase of means of protection. When he left the presidency in 2012, there were 1.5 billion masks in state reserves and an anticipated purchase of sanitary equipment.

Eric Ciotti called for dignity in the face of the chaotic situations that some of our nursing homes have to face. It’s an absolute scandal!
The government’s will not to worry about the death toll in our nursing homes is testimony to the cruel abandonment of our seniors.

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