#FRAPoli: Guillaume Peltier: “There will be no unity without truth” – #FrancePolitics

Guillaume Peltier, vice-president of the Republicans and member of parliament for Loir-et-Cher, proposed the creation of a National Council for Reconstruction.

To finance health and agriculture, the deputy for Loir-et-Cher wants to cut RTT days and increase wages.

Can national unity last?

The time is not for vanity, but for unity. However, there will be no unity without truth. Emmanuel Macron will have to explain himself, as deputy secretary general of the Elysée in 2012, he has been in charge for eight years: how did we get there? This crisis is not another crisis, but the end of a world. Our rulers have sold us a society without a nation, without borders, without industry, without villages … All these words have been thrown into the pasture and happy globalization has become the misfortune of peoples. It is the failure of financial globalism, coupled with centralized senior administration, that this crisis also comes to settle.

Isn’t your observation very close to that of the rebels?

Quite the opposite: our vision is inspired by that of General de Gaulle as well as that of Nicolas Sarkozy. You need an electric shock. I salute the efforts of the State and the territories, like Gérard Larcher, mayors with François Baroin, departments with Dominique Bussereau, Regions with Renaud Muselier. We must support France du travail. With my colleagues, I have tabled a bill to recognize a state of health catastrophe. We are also asking for zero-rate bank loans. But this will not be enough.

What should be done ?

Collectively lay the foundations for a better world. The government could create a National Council for Reconstruction (CNR) composed of parliamentarians, local authorities, businesses and employees, along the lines of the National Resistance Council, in a spirit of national harmony. First measure of the CNR: a complete audit of public finances. France is 1000 billion euros in taxes and 56% of compulsory levies and yet we lack everything. But where does this money go? This CNR could present three revolutions. First, a new political principle, that of the nation state, of the strategic state. Economic patriotism is the key to reconstruction: why not secure health and agriculture with a dedicated budget, funded by the donation of RTT days? Europe must also seize the challenge of food and health self-sufficiency.

Do you twist your neck every 35 hours?

Contributing to the national effort by eliminating up to five days of RTT is to raise the legitimate question of working time. But on the condition of increasing wages. For too long, France has asked for the same efforts: the workers. In the face of rent and assistantship, France’s work has never deserved so much to be rewarded. And France will only recover through work.

But how ?

By lowering charges. This would be the second orientation of the CNR: work is worth more than finance. France only stands up for the heroism of the humble: caregivers, cashiers, drivers … We could allow companies to grant up to 5,000 euros in tax-free premiums, for our everyday heroes, the roped circles who are in First line. Finally, we must make our provinces the beating heart of industry, tourism, agriculture. Producing as close as possible finally appears to be an ecological, economic and health imperative. We could tax-exempt any French company that produces abroad and returns to France. Let us also remove production taxes: this CNR could put an end to the social solidarity contribution of companies.

Is this the great return of the social right?

Above social and liberal sensibilities, what unites us at lR is the ideal of a Gaullian France. Between financial and technocratic globalism on the one hand and nationalist temptation on the other, the only possible alternative is enduring patriotism.

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