#FRAPoli: Eric Woerth: “We must be united with the objective of getting out of this crisis and the economic stagnation” – #FrancePolitics

This morning, Éric Woerth, Member of the Oise and chairman LR of the finance committee, was the guest of Gérard Leclerc in the Morning on CNEWS.

Asked about the state of health of Boris Johnson, he recalled the universal dangerousness of COVID19 and the importance of a rapid hardening of the confinement put in place with those who know the field best, that is to say the Mayors and Prefects.

Regarding the management of the beginning of the crisis, the time is not for controversy. Eric Woerth underlined the importance of being united in adversity, in the pursuit of a single objective which is to get out of this crisis, of containment and of this health threat.

We must devote ourselves to the issue of economic recovery to limit the stagnation and the recession.
The government will have to listen to experts from all sides as well as the parliamentary opposition (the most advanced form of democracy) around a number of debates including, on deconfinement, GPS tracking and the fear of loss of individual liberty.

Economically, for the economy to start again, people need to be able to leave their homes to go to work and spend.
For this, it is necessary that the government be able to succeed at least three fundamental conditions to finally talk deconfinement and revive our economy which are:
– massive screenings and tests
– masks for all French people
– a tracing method guaranteed by the Council of State and the high competent authority
At the same time, it will be essential to properly support the economy in its recovery from the crisis.
It will probably be necessary, at some point, to cancel the charges and the postponed taxes.

Eric Woerth concluded on the importance of a recovery plan coordinated with Europe by displaying political unity in the EU. Many of our solutions to our ills today are solutions that go through the international domain, this is why it is important to found a larger whole like Europe to create health, economic, digital and industrial sovereignty. .
The world needs to work together.

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