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Bruno Retailleau, president of the group of Republicans in the Senate and senator for Vendée, welcomes certain measures outlined by Emmanuel Macron during his speech, but regrets that he remained elusive on the economic aspect of the crisis.

You expected the president to set a course, to provide perspectives. Has it done enough?

It must be recognized that it was more concrete than usual. He drew a perspective by giving a specific date – at the risk of locking himself up, by the way. But the French needed a horizon, to see a small light at the end of the confinement.

He also outlined a mea culpa on the country’s relative lack of preparation. Was it welcome?

Yes, and it’s rare enough for him to be highlighted. But there have also been untruths. No, the shortage of masks was not global, no hospitals could not treat everyone, since our elders stayed in the nursing homes. The containment strategy succeeded in achieving the goal of unclogging the intensive care unit, but it did not break the epidemic. He also acknowledged that France’s weakness had also been its bureaucracy, which took weeks to certify analytical laboratories, which confiscated masks that certain regions had ordered. We have seen a state paralyzed by standards, a state that put a stick on the wheels of local communities. On the contrary, it is now good to turn to the infantrymen of the Republic who are the mayors.

Did his intervention leave you hungry on certain aspects?

He was very elusive on the economic side. However, it will take years and years for France to regain its level of growth and wealth before this crisis. So you have to be able to encourage activities that can return to work by protecting employees.

However, he announced that economic aid should be increased and simplified …

That is true. On tourism, culture, the deferral of charges was not enough. Companies are going to go bankrupt, so it’s best to drop the charges. As well as exceptional aid for the most fragile were necessary. We will also propose to the Senate that we can have a measure of encouragement for the most deprived, by tax-exempt up to 75%, up to 1000 €, donations to charitable associations. I also think that it will be necessary to tax overtime and to exempt wage and employer charges on these same overtime. It is a measure of recognition of those on the front line.

The president also said that he wanted to rebuild French industrial independence, with European strategic autonomy. What do you think ?

I think Emmanuel Macron gave the funeral oration of macronism this evening. No more start-up nation with tribute to low-paid workers and farmers. He addressed a real criticism of technocratic centralism, which has been the hallmark of the quinquennium, and exalted French strategic interests! I subscribe to this program but it is for him an ideological spin, a reversal of the macronist software. Will he be able to go against what constitutes his DNA?

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