#FRAPoli: Pierre-Henri Dumont and Raphaël Schellenberger: “A government of national unity is not desirable for the Republic” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

In line with his warlike speech of March 16, Emmanuel Macron lets infuse the idea that the political exit from the health crisis can only be achieved through the constitution of a government of national unity.

Participation in such a government would undermine our democracy.

Since 2017, the President of the Republic has carried a Manichaean vision of democracy, where those who do not share his ideas are inferior to him and where Parliament is only a waste of time, all exacerbated by a submissive majority and outside – soil which draws its legitimacy – and its future – only from the very figure of the Head of State.

By sending back to back the political parties of government of left and right and by positioning the need to make choices of reason rather than of society, Emmanuel Macron wanted to erase the possibility of cleavages.

Today a government of national unity would sign the definitive end of the debate of ideas, where the political divide would be erased definitively behind a devastating division between on one side the responsible and on the other the irresponsible, between the camp of good and the evil side. The tensions which cross our society would reach their climax.

French democracy and the political tradition of our country deserve better than that.

All power requires counter power. Today, only the Republican right can legitimately be this counter-power. Any compromise in a government of national unity would endorse its disappearance, at a time when the consensus on the health emergency law had granted the President and his government immense power.

Temptation. The duty of the parliamentary right will also be to shed light on the failings of the state and the responsibilities of the government in anticipating and managing this crisis, where some of our foreign neighbors are faring better. However, we cannot be both judge and jury at the same time.

Finally, the participation of the right in a government of national unity would definitively leave the field open to populism and would serve, in 2022, as a stepping stone to the National Rally, which had become de facto the only opposition.

Some of our friends believe that in their career plans they can no longer waste time in parliamentary opposition, a sentiment reinforced by the mediocrity of certain ministers. We call on them not to give in to the temptation of an ephemeral Moroccan minister who would definitively condemn any idea of ​​the very existence of republican opposition to Emmanuel Macron. This is an immense responsibility: erasing one’s personal ambition so that tomorrow we can assume a collective destiny.

The constitution of a government of national unity would not be the joining of forces for the nation, but would be the erasure of differences for the benefit of one man. By rejecting this temptation, we will protect France from a worse tomorrow than the crisis we are going through.

Pierre-Henri Dumont is deputy for Pas-de-Calais and Raphaël Schellenberger is deputy for Haut-Rhin. They are both deputy secretaries general of the Republicans.

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