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The president of the Republicans group in the National Assembly accuses the government of having rushed the vote on the deconfinement plan.

The opposition rebelled against the rush of government which decided on Saturday evening to present a plan on Tuesday. What do you blame him for?

Without even being aware of the contents of this plan, MPs will have to position themselves by vote following the Prime Minister’s statement. We cannot vote on a plan blindly, blindfolded, without knowing its precise content and how to implement it. It is not only the opposition that is ignored but the whole of Parliament. It is somewhat curious to call for national unity and, at the same time, to sit on Parliament and democracy. The government’s ulterior motive was to avoid a vote on the StopCovid app. This is the only reason for this rush.

Will IR MPs Vote Government Plan?

Since the start of the crisis, we have been a demanding, responsible and forceful opposition. We were able to do so by voting on all emergency measures and the two amending budgets. This spirit of responsibility is the cornerstone of a successful exit from the crisis. By leaving us a few hours between the presentation of its deconfinement plan and its vote by the deputies, the government has removed this keystone. Under these conditions, the LR deputies are unanimous in their desire not to give a blank check to the government by voting in favor. Due to lack of time to study the plan, the vast majority of us will be forced to abstain.

How do you welcome the first avenues revealed by the government?

Let us be clear: anything that accelerates the economic recovery under health protection is a step in the right direction. The State must do everything to protect the populations but also businesses. Above all, it must give visibility and clear instructions. It is very difficult for the French as for the opposition to pronounce themselves on recommendations or proposals for deconfinement which are constantly changing. The government must stop contradictory injunctions. One day we are told that the schools will reopen on May 11 and the next day that the return to school will be on a voluntary basis. One day we are told that the deconfinement will be regional and the next day that this option is finally ruled out. One day we are told that the restaurants will reopen in mid-June and the next day that it will not be the case. One day we are told that wearing a mask is useless or even counterproductive and a few days later it is finally recommended. How do you want the French to find themselves there? The government is unfortunately sailing completely on sight with a vague and incoherent deconfinement plan, which creates a lot of anxiety among the French.

Do you think France is ready for deconfinement on May 11?

France yes, the State, I have doubts. If the government is unable to provide France with enough masks or tests, our country will head straight for a second wave of the epidemic. It would be even more catastrophic than the current one because it would plunge our economy into complete uncertainty. The more we protect the French, the more we liberate the economy. Containment was essential to avoid overcrowding in the intensive care unit and we cannot thank our caregivers enough for their exemplary work. These long weeks should have allowed the government to store masks and tests in order to quickly revive our economy. This is the path followed by Germany.

The Republicans have unveiled a deconfinement counter plan. How do you think it is fairer to respond to the crisis?

To be successful, deconfinement must be clear, territorialized and under protection. Clear because it must give a perspective to economic actors. Territorialized because we must be able to accelerate the recovery in the least affected departments. Under protection because the world before cannot resemble the world after. Our project strikes a strict balance between the essential need to strengthen the protection of the French and the absolute need to accelerate the recovery. We are making some fifty proposals, the result of a contribution from all of the Republicans’ deputies. In economic matters, we offer massive charge cancellations and a moratorium on standards. In health matters, we ask to make the wearing of the mask mandatory and to test massively to avoid a second wave at all costs.

You advocate the reopening of restaurants on May 11, when the government will not vote until the end of May. How would you get there?

By department and by strong sanitary measures defined by professional actors and ARS. Departments such as Cantal where there is no Covid-19 must be able to reopen their cafes, hotels and restaurants from May 11. In the most affected areas, the recovery of the catering sector must be under protection between May 11 and June 15. Economic players urgently await a course and a clear objective for recovery.

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