#FRAPoli: Christian Jacob: “The errors of the beginning and the untruths weigh heavily today” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Thursday April 30, Christian Jacob, President of the Republicans and Deputy of Seine-et-Marne, was the political guest at the microphone of Europe 1
Asked about the recent actions of the government, he returned to the errors and untruths of the beginnings which still weigh heavily today, especially on the issue of masks, medical equipment and tests.
Christian Jacob is pleased that the government has finally taken into account the need to work on the large-scale supply of masks and tests, something that we have been asking for for a long time.

On recent GDP figures down -5.8%, he suggested the need to give yourself the means to restart as quickly as possible.
We, the Republicans have constantly alerted and been a force for proposals, particularly in the economic sector and support for businesses. We want to go further, especially with the independents, on the need to go on the cancellation of charges.
It is also necessary to relaunch public procurement, asking that the Mayors elected in the first round (35,000) be installed as quickly as possible.

Partial unemployment was an essential shock absorber to limit the social shock. On this point we ask the government to gradually decrease this tool.
We must also look at the situation, department by department, in close contact with the professional federations which have anticipated well on the whole, because if the conditions are met, the faster we will restart, the better it will be for everyone.

In post-crisis economic management, the extension of working time will be a decisive factor in both restoring purchasing power to the employee and, at the same time, competitiveness for businesses. This provision will be made within a defined consensual framework. Let social dialogue take place within companies, with employees, in order to give the possibility of working more provided that these hours are paid.

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