#FRAPoli: Bruno Retailleau: “We can no longer believe the Prime Minister on his word” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Bruno Retailleau, president of the Republican group in the Senate and senator for Vendée, announces that the latter will abstain during the vote on the deconfinement bill.

Will the majority of the Senate support the government?

No. In this unprecedented crisis, the line we have set for ourselves is that of requirement and benevolence. We have voted on the three government texts since the start of the crisis, even if we had reservations. But one can no longer take the Prime Minister’s word for it; there have been too many untruths and contradictions. Edouard Philippe tells us for example that he is going to massify screening, but one of the criteria taken into account in the coloring in red or green of a department is the lack of tests! We will abstain, because we do not want to vote against the principle of deconfinement, but we have doubts about the conditions for its success.

What do you blame for the deconfinement plan?

The head of government builds his strategy as one makes a bet, crossing his fingers so that it does not turn into disaster. I understand that decision-making is difficult, but his key phrase sums it all up: ” If the indicators are not there, we will not deconfinate. “As if it were meteorology! On the contrary, conditions should have been created to break the chain of contamination. For weeks it had been necessary to generalize the masks, massify the tests, trace and isolate to guarantee that these indicators evolve in the right direction. Confinement is not enough. For example, why were the epidemiological brigades planned for deconfinement not trained earlier?

What do you think of the bill?

First, it says nothing about the responsibility of elected officials who will be on the front line for the reopening of schools. Second, it does not make it mandatory to wear a mask in public space; we will therefore table an amendment to do so. Finally, the other problem is article 6.

Why ?

It is dangerous for public liberties. The government wants to create an information system from our health data, which is extremely sensitive. And, unlike the StopCovid application project, without anonymization! However, today everything is hackable. When we see the context of precipitation and amateurism in which this text was written, we imagine that the security holes will be wide open. There is no control body for the collection of data, nor for their destruction thereafter. And the device is scheduled to last a year, six times longer than the state of health emergency! The executive is also asking us to authorize it to legislate by ordinances, therefore without going through Parliament, to organize “information systems”. Finally, StopCovid was more protective than what we are offered today!

Will you appeal to the Constitutional Council?

The Constitutional Council will be seized at the end of the legislative procedure, either by 60 senators, or by the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher. The latter had received commitments from the President of the Republic.

Which ?

At a meeting on April 21, Emmanuel Macron made a commitment to Gérard Larcher to address the issue of the responsibility of local elected officials. However, it is absent from the text! The government must respect its word and the elected officials. Mayors are used to going to the front, they are the infantrymen of the Republic. But you cannot ask them to dedicate themselves without knowing the extent of their responsibilities when the schools reopen. It is not a question of exonerating the elect. But if a child becomes ill at school, we must ensure that the mayors will not be prosecuted if they have not committed willful misconduct, because the sanitary measures they have taken will have been imposed by them. ‘State.

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