#CanPoli: Singh calls for plan to keep workers and families safe before ending quarantine – #CDNPoli

OTTAWA – As more and more businesses are being asked to reopen, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh spoke in Ottawa today about the government’s responsibility to make sure that workers’ safety is guaranteed, that there is a safe plan to handle childcare needs, and that every worker has access to paid sick leave.

“We can’t ask people to return to work when they have no way and no where to safely care for their kids and are worried about getting sick or bringing the virus back home. Workers need to know they’ll be safe and that they have the ability to choose to stay home with pay if they are sick,” said Singh. “No one should be forced to make the impossible choice between going to work sick or not being able to pay their bills. Workers want to go back to work – we need to make sure they can go back to work safely.”

Many parents aren’t able to go back to work without confidently knowing their kids will be safe and healthy at school or in childcare, just like many people don’t have the privilege to stay home sick because it means losing a day’s pay. The federal government’s current paid sick leave is too little and is not available to all workers.

Singh called for the government to make sure all workers have access to ten days of paid sick leave so they can take the time to heal and stop the spread of any virus or sickness.

“Let’s make workplaces safe. Let’s give workers paid sick leave. Let’s make child care available and accessible,” added Singh. “Canadians want to go back to work – let’s make sure that when they go back, they can stay safe and stay healthy.”

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