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If he welcomes “some good news” among some of the announcements this Thursday, Guillaume Peltier, Associate Vice-President of the Republicans and MP for Loir-et-Cher, judges that the government gives the impression of undergoing the crisis.

“A lot of speech for not much”: if he notes some “good news” among the announcements of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, this Thursday, May 7, Guillaume Peltier, associate vice-president of the party Les Républicains, denounces a plan “fragmentary” and “approximate” deconfinement. According to the deputy for Loir-et-Cher, the government “responds to the health crisis” of the Covid-19, “but it suffers the economic crisis more than it accompanies it”. “We have to assume that everyone will have to work more,” he advocates.

Are you satisfied with the deconfinement plan presented by the government?

No, even if there is some good news. He sees the possibility of reopening certain tourist sites or beaches: it is a salutary awareness for the economy. Otherwise, a lot of talk for not much. One has the impression that the government is undergoing the crisis. The French are waiting to go back to work, it is necessary if the economic and social crisis is not to get worse.

However, it is a resumption of activity that is sketched from May 11 …

We need a strong recovery, and for that we need masks and tests. Did you get answers on the number of masks and tests available? To link economic recovery and the fight against the pandemic, we need masks and tests, but we don’t know if we will have enough of them. All this is fragmentary, approximate.

Is the government doing the right thing to support and revive economic activity?

We were delighted to hear some of our proposals, such as the cancellation of the employers’ charges. But the government arrives late on this subject. The bonus for employees in Ehpad is also good news. I think we should go further, and encourage people to return to work by giving companies the possibility of paying tax-free bonuses to their employees. It is necessary to create an electric shock reward for work in our country.

The Prime Minister called for caution in the face of the risk of a renewed epidemic. Isn’t he right?

I find the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister polluted by fear and the cult of the precautionary principle. The government is responding to the health crisis, but it is experiencing the economic crisis more than it is accompanying. We have to give perspectives on the economic and social level, assume that everyone will have to work more, and that this work will be rewarded, and also now imagine the jobs of tomorrow. In particular by relocating a large number of activities in the food industry, or health. The government heals wounds on a daily basis, but has no vision for the future.

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