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Guillaume Peltier, deputy for Loir-et-Cher and deputy vice-president of the Republicans, believes in this forum that the coronavirus crisis signals “the end of a world” and calls for the preparation of a new one associating “sustainable patriotism and sustainable development “.

The Coronavirus crisis is not another crisis. She is the end of a world. Yes, the world is going to change, and it is already changing before our eyes. Our generation must respond to the call of this great challenge, and prepare the world to come. With humility and wisdom, but with determination. The time has come.

For decades, the elites have sold us a world without nations, without borders, without roots, without provinces, without industry, without agriculture, without nature … All these words were mocked at best, at worst thrown into the abyss of taboo and of the forbidden. The unsurpassable horizon? Reduce the planet to a large world market, where the famous “invisible hand” would reign supreme. The method of action? Deconstruct, make a clean sweep in the name of “sense of history”.

This chimera is gone in the limbo of the deadly ideologies. “Happy globalization” has become the misfortune of peoples. Bitterness embraces me: each time, we were right; but despite our alerts, our fights, our anger, we did not cry out loud enough to prevent our elites from preparing this world which we did not want.

I do not forget the referendum on the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, nor the referendum on the European Constitution in 2005. However, so many of us were worried, under the visionary banner of Gaullism and Séguinism, about the mad race for globalization, to the dogmas of the abolition of borders and free trade, to the sole logic of profits and profitability.

Faced with the ruthless Covid-19 crisis, the first action of the Brussels Commission was to broadcast a confusing clip of its president washing her hands: Ponce-Pilate in her ivory tower. Italy, suffocating under the terrible disease, was cowardly abandoned to its fatal fate. In desperation, the cradle of civilization begged Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China to come to its aid. At the same time, this Commission devoted its energy to opening the accession negotiations for Albania and North Macedonia.

This technocratic, mad, helpless and disconnected Europe of people signed his death certificate. Under pressure from nations and peoples, it ended up acting. Tomorrow we will not have to desert the magnificent European ideal. We will rebuild the Europe we cherish: heir to Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment roots, human rights lawyer, peacekeeper. The Europe of Nations, protector of peoples and at the forefront of progress, which will take up the challenges of economic patriotism, global warming, artificial intelligence and co-development with Africa.

Of course, France has also undergone an enormous lack of preparation in the management of the crisis. Of course, the French bureaucracy, mixed with financial globalism and government amateurism, have aggravated the spread of the virus in our nation. Of course we will not forget that France has more than 25,000 dead, that we lack everything, masks, tests, gels, beds in intensive care and that nearly 12 million of our fellow citizens are on short work .

Nor should we forget that our health security has been sacrificed on the altar of miserable accounting considerations. Our strategic stock has been liquidated, and the production of the masks has been delegated to China. Without imagining for a moment that the “workshop of the world” could also be affected by a pandemic.

I do not forget the warnings that we had sent to the Government with Eric Ciotti, at the end of February 2020, so that border control measures could be strengthened. What did the knowledgeable say in choir? “Illusory and ineffective”. The President of the Republic has even split a good word on the virus “which has no borders, no passport”. However, the Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, reminded us that “the virus does not circulate in France, it is men and women who circulate it”. However, the men and women who circulate have a passport. The borders of our partners were therefore closed one after the other, when Emmanuel Macron preferred to save … macronism, the funeral oration of which he was yet to pronounce.

I also do not forget the emergency measures that we were calling for with Christian Jacob and our parliamentarians from March 11, 2020 to preserve the cash flow of businesses, save SMEs and sectors in difficulty, relocate jobs. As of March 4, we were also proposing the establishment of zero-rate loans or the relaxation of European budgetary rules. We preached in the desert and it was blasphemy: “the economic crisis would be much less than that of 2008”, we were opposed. Everyone knows the rest of the story.

It is enough! It is up to us to raise our heads, speak up and lay the foundations for a better world. It is up to them to be silent and listen to us. They are the twilight of an old dying world, we are the dawn of a new hope.

The time has come. We have to change everything. Faced with financial globalism as well as narrow populism, we must combine the strength of our patriotism, the value of work and the excellence of our quality of life. We must combine sustainable patriotism and sustainable development. Mixing, in tri-color colors, the green of our provinces, our countryside, our cultural and natural heritage, the ecological challenge, our agriculture, our ingrained know-how and hope: a France in Blue White Green.

Yes, change everything to build a France in Blue White Green around four new priorities:

We must restore honor to the Nation State and its borders, facing the “Tower of Babel” dreamed by our elites. Dedicated to gémonies, it is to him that all people turn when their survival is at stake. He is the one who arbitrates and commands to face the dangers. Unfortunately, no one can face a war if he is disarmed.

We must rearm its sovereign function. We are the world tax and expense champions, but our caregivers have no masks, hydroalcoholic gels, or tests. We send our soldiers to the front line, but without ammunition. If the state remains obese and helpless, then it will drag us down.

We must rearm its industrial and agricultural vitality. Economic patriotism, dear to Dominique de Villepin or Arnaud Montebourg, is the key to the relocation of our vital interests, like the food, pharmaceutical or military industries. It will also have to save our food sovereignty, threatened by the impoverishment of farmers and by the repurchase of our agricultural land, which passes under a foreign flag. It is urgent to implement a huge relocation plan through tax exemption for three to five years for any company that relocates its activities in France, through the removal, for example, of the C3S, one of the taxes most unfair production methods or the priority given to regional SMEs in accessing public markets.

We must rearm the public power, and consecrate the primacy of the “government of the people” over the “government of the judges”. In the state of health emergency that we know, is the judge of summary procedures of the Council of State legitimate to dictate to the executive his conduct to hold? “Beware of the judges, they killed the monarchy. They will kill the Republic, “warned François Mitterrand.

We must rearm the ideal of justice. Each year, nearly 100 billion euros in tax and social fraud penalize public accounts. It is urgent to act firmly: I have tabled a bill aiming to double the fines and penalties against fraudsters but also to remove for five years any tax credit for any repeat tax evader and any social assistance for any repeat social fraudster. Likewise, any state aid to large companies must be subject to ethical criteria, such as the absence of any link with a tax haven or the non-distribution of dividends in 2020.

We must rearm the authority of the state. When the vast majority of citizens make efforts, the “tyranny of minorities” of some suburban thugs, who proudly defy containment orders, exasperates our compatriots. For fear of a conflagration of the cities, the Ministry of the Interior folds. The health and safety consequences will be tragic for all the inhabitants. 379 attacks against our security forces were recorded, 43 police officers and gendarmes injured and 164 towns concerned. Not to mention the approximately 12,000 detainees who were released, including 130 radicalized detainees … When will the foreign S files be deported? When will the administrative retention of French S files be kept?

We must honor the provinces in the face of technocratic bureaucracy. Despised and abandoned for years, they nevertheless welcomed the inhabitants of metropolitan areas. As if, in the tests, the clocks were reset.

When the France house burns down, the first councilors become the first firefighters: to inform the population, buy masks and hydro-alcoholic gel, rescue the elderly, the poorest and most vulnerable … Because solutions are often close to the in the field, and rarely at the ENA, we have to rethink decentralization.

When the crisis rekindles the fear of food shortages, short circuits take their revenge on globalization. Once the storm breaks out and the goods no longer circulate, what is produced on the other side of the world can no longer land on our plates. Producing as close as possible, whenever possible, is a strategic, ecological, health and social imperative.

When our provinces are valves in the crisis, their destitution becomes intolerable. Deindustrialization, abandonment of the agricultural world, closure of public services, medical and digital deserts, fiscal bludgeoning of motorists … A collective awareness must emerge, as well as a “Marshall Plan” for rurality. We must make food and tourist patriotism one of the main axes of economic development: consuming local, buying local, acting locally … by lowering VAT on short circuits, by supporting tourism activities or by creating holiday vouchers intended to enhance our immense cultural and natural heritage.

We must honor the work facing rent and assistantship. France only stands up for the heroism of the humble, the men and women of everyday life: nurses, cashiers, police, garbage collectors, delivery drivers … and so many others. This France which takes all risks, and which has nothing in return. This France which will have neither Legion of Honor, nor Caesar, which will not be on television sets, nor in history books.

France of work has never deserved so much to be valued and rewarded. We will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to the devious contempt that certain trades undergo, to the discredit of manual work, to low wages, to precarious workers. There will be no lasting recovery without putting France back to work, without defending France from work, without better rewarding work. The rise in wages, like that in working hours, must be closely linked.

The wages of the workers will have to increase, as a recognition of the Nation. My workhorse in this sense only comes out stronger. When will strong measures be taken to remove the heavy burdens that weigh on wages and a generalization of tax exemption for overtime, work reward bonuses or even employee savings?

We must finally put our values ​​back in the spotlight and the common good in the face of individualism and consumerism.

This model degrades our environment, depletes raw materials, makes people enslaved by their buying impulses. Our existence must find meaning: the pleasure of spending time with loved ones, going out with those we love, cultivating. The happiness of dreaming and escaping, of opening up to the universal.

Our society must protect the environment and the beauty of our landscapes. Health and economic emergencies should not overshadow the ecological emergency. To aim for carbon neutrality, the French right will have to carry its convictions of an ecology of reward, rooted and popular, but above all realistic. It should be open to all good environmentalists.

Our society must rediscover the path of solidarity and fraternity. Show empathy for others, be attentive to their needs. Protect our elders, the most modest and the most vulnerable. Reach out to those who experience a life accident. A Nation leaves no one by the wayside. The Third Republic understood this well by giving us free, secular, and compulsory schooling; General de Gaulle also by leaving us Social Security.

We must rebuild a better world that gives meaning to life, to the quality of life. Everything cannot be bought, everything cannot be sold, everything cannot be consumed, everything does not come from the statistical and accounting spirit. The relationship with time, with what is worth, with what lasts, with what remains, in the soul of our nations, of our resources, of our human and social ties, must constitute the foundations of France according to. The victories of financial globalism, climate change, political Islam and the Parisian bureaucracy are not inevitable. The reward of work, patriotism, the affirmation of secularism and our roots, the strength of our provinces and our know-how, the respect of our resources as of our biodiversity, local roots and local activities , the audacity of our companies and French genius are the solutions of tomorrow.

The hour for reconstruction will strike. Our Nation is a miracle; after each ordeal endured in its History, it has always risen larger, stronger, more fraternal. I am convinced of it: at the end of our troubles, the France we love will be reborn.

In Blue White Green.

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