#CanPoli: Liberals must support people living with disabilities amid COVID-19, says NDP MP Daniel Blaikie – #CDNPoli

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Critic for Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, MP Daniel Blaikie (Elmwood–Transcona), called out the government for failing to deliver support for Canadians living with disabilities during COVID-19. Over two weeks since they committed to providing financial assistance to people living with disabilities, the Trudeau government continues to be missing in action.

On May 13, ​the Minister for Seniors publicly stated: “Many are facing higher costs for food and services, due to imposed restrictions, they are paying more in dispensing fees to get the same medication, they are paying a premium for deliveries.” These words were in defence of her government’s assistance package for Canadian seniors. The government has yet to recognize that people living with disabilities are facing great challenges during this pandemic.

“The Minister understands why some seniors need additional support during this pandemic. However she should know that those same costs apply to people living with disabilities,” said Blaikie. “People living on provincial and federal disability payments were already struggling financially ​before the pandemic and these added costs are causing real hardship. The government may understand the problem, but they are failing to do anything about it.”

Blaikie wrote to the Minister for Seniors as a follow-up to MP Scott Duvall’s (Hamilton Mountain) question in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

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