#CanPoli: NDP responds to horrific conditions for seniors in long-term care – #CDNPoli

NDP Critic for Health, Don Davies, made the following statement:

Canada’s New Democrats are deeply disturbed by the troubling report from Canadian Forces members in Ontario’s long-term care facilities.

Soldiers have seen total disregard for basic sanitation and infection control measures, as well as abusive treatment of residents. These horror stories are shocking and have no place in a compassionate and humane society.

Every allegation of operator negligence must be thoroughly investigated and criminal charges should be brought where appropriate.

Governments must also accept their share of responsibility. Experts and front-line workers have been issuing dire warnings about the state of Canada’s long-term care system for many years. Tragically, their messages have fallen on deaf ears.

Prime Minister Trudeau continues to maintain that it’s not his role to fix long-term care across Canada.

New Democrats disagree. This is a national problem that requires attention and resources from all levels of government.

We are calling on the federal government to immediately begin working with the provinces and territories to establish binding national standards for long-term care, backed up by funding.

There are no more excuses.

Canada’s seniors deserve nothing less.

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