#FRAPoli: Christian Jacob: “In the orange zones and with regard to hotels and restaurants, we could have gone further” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Friday, May 29, Christian Jacob, President of the Republicans and Deputy of Seine-et-Marne, was the political guest of the 4 truths.

He returned to the Prime Minister’s recent announcements and answered questions on municipal elections.

It was important to be able to open the terraces, but many restaurants will not find their economic balance and will not be able to reopen. For Christian Jacob, we could have gone further by respecting the barrier gesture measures.

In the measures to support businesses, in particular for hotel-restaurants, we could have lowered the VAT to 5.5% which could help these businesses to restore margins quickly. We must support the tourism sector as a whole.

The observation of the first round of the 2020 municipal elections is catastrophic for En Marche. 56% of cities with more than 9,000 inhabitants were won by the Republicans and their allies.

Christian Jacob said: “This week we lost a great voice in the National Assembly, that of Claude Goasguen”.

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