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Damien Abad, president of the Republicans group in the National Assembly, reacts to the announcement of the second stage of the deconfinement plan presented this Thursday by the Prime Minister.

After abstaining in the National Assembly on April 28 on the Prime Minister’s deconfinement plan, the head of the LR deputies, Damien Abad, delivers his analysis on the second stage, presented on Thursday. He recognizes “real progress”, but remains critical.

The deconfinement is accelerating significantly. Does this mean that the government has managed well?

This acceleration was necessary both for the French economy and for social life. Every day lost, more people are unemployed, it is an economic and social crisis that is getting worse. It was therefore necessary to emerge from a paralyzing and immobilizing prudence for the country, from a kind of torpor. There were real advances this Thursday, which were essential. I think they are somewhat late and there are still some conflicting injunctions.

Which ones?

For example, we reopen the high schools, but we cancel the oral exam for the French bac. We can go on annual leave but we are told that if we can postpone a trip, it is more reasonable. We are told that gatherings of more than ten people are prohibited, but travel beyond 100 km is allowed. The government is sending somewhat contradictory messages here: on the one hand, the restriction that remains in place and, on the other, the opening. I believe that the ban on gatherings of more than ten people should also be lifted.

Do you agree with having a France all in green and Ile-de-France in orange?

I prefer this card to the one before. There were a number of areas that needed to come out of red, a stigmatizing color that was no longer relevant. With regard to Ile-de-France, it is important to make opening gestures there as quickly as possible because it is the heart of the French economy. It is therefore very important to reopen the café terraces and to give reopening dates to these establishments. It is also very good that the government has given up on measuring 4 square meters per client because there was a need for a realistic health protocol. But we must now go further. What we are proposing at LR is to lower the VAT on catering to 5.5% to compensate for the loss of turnover.

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