#FRAPoli: Bruno Retailleau: “We should give Emmanuel Macron a Molière, because we are in Tartuffe” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Tuesday, June 16, Bruno Retailleau, President of the group Republicans in the Senate and Senator of Vendée, was the political guest of France inter.

Asked about the President’s intervention, he replied: Macron is “amazed at his own intelligence”, he does not embody, he interprets.
But can we trust the president who sold the energy branch of Alstom to the Americans and who wanted to sell the Atlantic shipyards to the Italians.
Macron’s intervention on History, on the statues was relevant, but it is unlikely to be accompanied by words.

On the stimulus plan of senators LR, he defended a principle of taxation “blue-white-red”: Blue-white-red taxation is a way to lower the taxation of companies to help them relocate and maintain competitiveness .
For example for medicines: Today there is 20 times more tension since 10 on certain medicines. They must be produced in France and in Europe to support demand. Social Security could even encourage reimbursements on drugs produced in France and in Europe.
Billions of stimulus packages must not be used to boost employment in China. M.Retailleau proposes to tax products from countries like China which do not respect the Paris agreements.
Green stimulus is one of the elements of the stimulus plan with an incentive tax system for businesses and individuals.

On the subject of Dijon and the police, he said: According to the Dijon prosecutor “there is a risk of community and racist drift”. It is therefore important not to disarm the police.
The pain of the Traore family should not be used to harden social relationships. It is not at all an anti-racist fight because it does not respect the republican principles. These intersectional struggles mask the legitimization of small groups which delegitimize noble causes.

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