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This Tuesday, Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes explained to the microphone of Europe1 that he was shocked and concerned by these violence in Dijon and Nice.

He said it was to be expected: the minister spoke of a “peacekeeping” operation in the neighborhoods to restore order. This is not trivial because it is the term used by the United Nations to describe a theater of war. The districts have become war zones.
Collomb was already alerting to these communities which are appropriating these neighborhoods against the background of Islamism and drug trafficking. It was only the explosion of this drift and the government remained powerless on this subject.

RAID has brought calm, but the damage is done. It’s a theater of war:
We got there for several reasons:
– Immigration Most of the Chechens arrested are asylum seekers.
-Drug trafficking, we need to tackle the use more and apply the penalties.
– Prison releases 15,000 fewer prisoners today in French prisons. Partly because of releases because of the health crisis.
There must be a firm response against violence because settling of scores is common in these lawless areas. Ciotti said he was in favor of the government’s proposal to exclude foreigners involved in the events, but doubted the government would implement it.
Amendments in this regard have already been submitted many times.
Those who claim political asylum for protection must not be troublemakers. 132,000 asylum seekers in 2019, under the Macron government, is an absolute record and none are deported.
Mr. Ciotti is against Marine Le Pen’s position that wants to suppress all immigration, we cannot stop everything. We just need to limit this flow in number because we do not have the capacity to integrate these people.
The Minister of the Interior is weakened, he is no longer legitimate and his reaction is not up to the level of support that the police deserve.

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