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Our history, our culture and our civilization are not available to the living. Rational thinking must prevail over aggression and intimidation, argues François-Xavier Bellamy, MEP and essayist

The recent “anti-racist” demonstrations are an additional symptom of the deep-seated disease that runs through French society. This evil is deadly. The essential task of politics in the next thirty years will be to save our country from the final fracturing that threatens it; the rest is almost incidental.

Perhaps it is already too late; but in uncertainty, we have no choice but to commit ourselves with all our might, with the hope that we have a chance, and enough time to seize it.

France becomes a juxtaposition of communities with nothing more that binds us, a collection of bitterness and resentment, a combination of conflicts: Whites against “racialized”, men against women, urbanized globalized against excluded out of phase, guilty against victims … Everyone is reputed act and speak for their interests. Can there still exist between us the consciousness of a common good?

The “French theory” of the 1970s sent a new version of the class struggle to the United States, which is now boomerang for us. The principle is simple: Western society is defined as a sum of violence which opposes absolute culprits to ontological victims. We are no longer an assembly of citizens deliberating on our common future, we are bastards or targets – whatever our intention: the “racialized” is “racialized” even if he does not think he is a victim. The white man is guilty of using undue privilege even if he never wanted to. Racism is no longer the property of a precise fact which it is a question of qualifying, it is a “system” which explains society. And that even explains the fact that some people dare to challenge this explanation – they deny it because they are racist.

This ideological deadlock allows all shortcuts. George Floyd, a black man, dies in Minneapolis during an arrest; a week later, we march to Paris to condemn the French police. “Cops, rapists, murderers. ”

When it comes to the police, amalgam is allowed; everyone would be indignant, and rightly so, if such a generalization targeted any other social group following a murder on the other side of the world … Here, collective guilt does not even need facts. If necessary, we will invent them, like this singer who asserted without blinking on the set of France 2 that ” men and women are massacred by the police every day in France, for no other reason than their skin color

The real no longer exists: only resentment matters. And it doesn’t matter that each year the police and gendarmes give their lives on a mission for their country: their memory does not weigh heavily in the minds of a generation stuck for years in its crisis of collective adolescence, which believes it is courageous to chanting that “everyone hates the police”. Childish and distressing insults, but followed by very real violence: on Saturday, a policeman and his companion were attacked at home with cries of “Sales cops”. We are still waiting for collective indignation …

If injustices are committed, in the police as elsewhere, they must be condemned, and it is up to the justice to act. This is the very principle of the rule of law. But there is no “systemic injustice”, and any presumption of guilt is a serious fault (in this regard, the concept of “proven suspicion of racism” brandished by Christophe Castaner against his own officials is deeply worrying). The first duty of the government is to guarantee this fundamental principle. This presupposes giving our justice, chronically forgotten by our public policies, the means to carry out its mission in a dignified, reactive, efficient, human manner: a powerless or discredited justice gives way to violence, and we see it every day from now on . We must then refuse to give an inch to those who would like anger to have the final say on institutions. In this matter, the government will have done exactly what it was not necessary: ​​it would have been enough for a prohibited demonstration for the Minister of Justice, at the request of the Élysée Palace, to propose to intervene in a case in course, contrary to all the rules. By declaring shortly after that the ban on demonstrations remained lawful, but that it would not be applied, the Minister of the Interior himself withdrew all force from the law, on the grounds that “emotion” would be his. superior. One cannot imagine a clearer formula for abandoning the rule of law.

It may seem reassuring that Emmanuel Macron has named danger by designating “separatism” which would like to fracture France. But why then have you offered him such a boulevard? And why continue to act by relaying the vocabulary of “decolonials”?

Minister Julien Denormandie said this Sunday in an interview that mandatory training in anti-racism should be imposed every three years for certain professionals, validating the suspicion of “systemic racism”, or even organizing diversity in the audiovisual environment – c that is to say to impose quotas by skin color … What a difference with actress Aïssa Maïga who said ” count blacks in the room »Going on stage at the last Cesar ceremony? They will count until talent, generosity, commitment, freedom have been crushed behind the identity assignment. Until more people of color can no longer succeed without being seen as a quota to fill. Until the epidemic of resentment finished dissolving France into competing communities in the victimized escalation. Dead end statement, last inventory before liquidation.

The survival of France means refusing this drift. First to find the meaning of what we owe her, not what she owes us. To restore the possibility of an authentic debate by refusing the racialist delirium which separates, and by finding the rational and factual requirements which are the condition of a healthy democracy. And to refuse that we pretend to settle accounts with our history, our culture, our model of society, our way of life, our civilization: France is not at the disposal of the living, we receive it from the effort of previous generations, which it is up to us to pass on. This is what made us forget our educational bankruptcy, which we will pay for a long time yet: in the face of the social crisis as well as the ecological crisis, in the double imbalance of nature and culture, we have created a private generation of ‘a structured language, condition of all rational thought and all nuanced sensibility, a generation deprived of historical hindsight, who does not feel gratitude and sees themselves first as irresponsible victim in an absolute Manichaeism.

To prevent France from sinking into the community conflict, the absolute urgency is to reconstruct an education which transmits to everyone, whatever their origin, a common heritage and the sense of shared responsibility that it imposes on us. to come up. Again, the task is immense, and everything is yet to be done. Hopefully history will give us enough time for that.

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