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Eric Ciotti, MP for the Alpes-Maritimes, denounces the head of state’s lack of humility and is alarmed by the collapse of the economy.

What did you take away from the intervention of the President of the Republic on Sunday?

I still haven’t understood the usefulness of this exercise. The self-satisfaction shown on this occasion by Emmanuel Macron is indecent in the light of the almost 30,000 deaths in the Covid and the collapse of our economy. I would have liked more humility from the head of state whose management of this epidemic was chaotic to say the least, whether it was about masks, tests or the care of our elders.

You are the rapporteur for the National Assembly’s committee of inquiry into the health crisis. How are the first auditions?

The oversight role of the two investigative committees of the Senate and the National Assembly is essential. It is a question of precisely establishing the flaws, the weaknesses and possibly the faults which marred this terrible ordeal that we all went through. So far, Brigitte Bourguignon, the LREM president of the commission, and I have been working on good terms. After the fiasco at the Palais Bourbon, in 2018, of the Benalla commission of inquiry corseted by an executive in panic, the deputies of the majority know that they no longer have the right to make mistakes: that their credibility is at stake We will hear from everyone: Jérôme Salomon, the Director General of Health, Jean-François Delfraissy, the Chairman of the Scientific Committee, but also Professor Didier Raoult, on June 24, or the former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn on June 30… We will get to the bottom of things, in all transparency.

Emmanuel Macron proposes to “work and produce more”. Okay ?

France is undoubtedly the country in Europe where the depression is the strongest. We must act quickly. The recovery plan mentioned by the President is too late, it will not be detailed in July and implemented in the fall. It’s too late. On the other hand, it is not enough to say that taxes are not going to increase: we already have the world record for compulsory taxes. For the recovery to take place, taxes and payroll taxes should be lowered and companies allowed to introduce flexibility into the management of weekly working hours. Nicolas Sarkozy had authorized the tax exemption of overtime. Abolished by François Hollande, this measure would be of great help today. Let’s put it back into action. As for the 500 billion that the head of state said he had mobilized to support our economy plunged into a slump never seen since the Second World War, I have a doubt about the reality of this figure. Cabbage and carrots have been added: loans that companies will have to repay and direct aid.

Should we resume the pension reform interrupted due to pandemic?

This sham reform is costly, incomprehensible and unnecessary. It was prepared despite common sense. The only gesture of courage of the executive, which is singularly lacking, would be to increase the retirement age by one quarter each year from 2021. For the past three years, our country has continued to s ‘push under the effect of’ at the same time ‘ To think nothing, to decide nothing, is to stand still.

You are very advanced when it comes to defending the police, which you say are unjustly attacked …

Accused of violence, suspected of racism, our police were released in the open countryside by Christophe Castaner. They very badly lived this abandonment of their minister responsible. Emmanuel Macron’s statements did not convince them any more. They expect action, rather than empty, hollow words, and courage. Faced with the rise of Islamism and communitarianism, let’s not look away! The law must apply everywhere and for everyone. In this regard, the weakness of the government and of Christophe Castaner in the face of the demonstrations which were banned but ultimately tolerated because of an “emotion” which had seized the country, is staggering.

How do you assess the results of the right in the municipal elections?

In the first round, we won in 56% of the municipalities with more than 9,000 inhabitants. The second round will allow us, on June 28, to further amplify this result. We are in a good position in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon and we can take it to Orléans. I have good hopes for Paris where Rachida Dati embodies the only useful vote for all those who want to turn the page on Anne Hidalgo and her sectarianism, and Marseille, where Martine Vassal leads a very courageous fight despite the attacks she makes the object. Do the Marseillais really want to leave the city in the hands of Mr. Mélenchon’s friends? It would be preparing Marseille for a chaotic future. If we take it there and elsewhere, we will amplify the blue wave of 2014 and it will be the start of the reconquest.

How are you preparing for the 2022 presidential election?

LR managers meet on Friday June 19 with Christian Jacob to reflect on our strategic positioning for the next two years. We will have to find the one who will embody the hope of recovery. I look forward to François Baroin’s decision in the fall. If he chose to run on behalf of our political family, I would support him wholeheartedly. It has considerable assets to bring together, appease and reform.

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