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Christian Jacob was interviewed by Apolline de Malherbe on BFM Politics this Sunday on current affairs.

Regarding law enforcement operations in Dijon: Christian Jacob describes the situation as extremely serious. There has been an abandonment of security in the country because this subject has not been taken into account by the Prime Minister and the President. Christophe Castaner is overwhelmed by events and the police no longer trust him as shown by the gendarmes’ protest reaction.

France is the second country in the European Union in terms of violence per inhabitant, and there are more than 100 acts of violence against the police every day. In addition, there is a 6% drop in this year’s budget for law enforcement equipment.

“We have a police force and a gendarmerie which are in the process of impoverishment”. They are not defended by the government, even though they face extreme violence. However, the French are very happy to count on these police forces in the context of the fight against terrorism or when they protect their cars and houses during social movements.

Christian Jacob therefore maintains his remarks on the absence of police violence. For him the response of the police is proportionate to the violence suffered during the social movements and arrests. Some burrs exist but these are mistakes to condemn.

About the ecology and feedback from the citizen convention. Christian Jacob speaks out against the ban on speed limits to 130 km on the highway. In fact, the highways are built to run at 130 and save time. Falling speed limits could force motorists to take the less secure secondary network. Also, on the extensions of airports, it recalls that these are linked to demand, to an economic need. These are not dogmatic but “pragmatic” expansions.

Ecology is part of a dynamic of sustainable development. However, Sustainable Development is based on 3 objectives of equivalent importance: economic interest, social progress and respect for the environment. The other pillars should therefore not be overlooked. “Ecology is not punishment, it is living in good conditions”.

Christian Jacob is not opposed to the principle of the citizens’ convention, but opposes the entry into the Constitution of “ecocide”. He once again reminds on this subject that it is up to parliamentarians, on the advice of associations, to have a real role to play for ecology.

Regarding deconfinement, Christian Jacob believes that it was important not to do it later. “France must get back to work”. However, the consequences of the economic crisis must not translate into higher household taxes. France is champion in Europe of taxation without this translating into convincing economic results.

He does not want cuts in wages but advocates an extension of working time with overtime paid in the company. However, it is absolutely essential that these negotiations take place between business managers and employees. Minister-social partner discussions will be too general, and will not be adapted to the companies’ order book. “It necessarily ends with demonstrations, blockades in the street. ” There has to be a decision made between business leaders and employees in relation to order books.

This brings the pension debate back to the fore. “3 years for nothing” recalls Christian Jacob. The government’s plan is incomprehensible while “It is an equation with 3 entries: -Either you lower the level of benefits for retirees -or you increase contributions -or you extend the duration of working time. ” Christian Jacob advocates here to extend working hours.

Has offered state aid to Air France for recovery (7 billion PGE), this aid is necessary because the state must support companies in view of the conditions. However, it should not be done sustainably. But, the negotiations should have been better done in Bercy, because even if the companies have to restructure, the 8,000 to 10,000 layoffs represent a high figure.

About the municipal ones: For the cities of more than 9000 Inhabitants, 56% of the cities were won by the Republicans. 70% of cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants were won first by Les Républicains. After a bitter failure in the legislative elections, in the Europeans, LR returns to victory. The progress in Ms. Dati’s polls is notable in this regard. Out of 235 cities, only 3 alliances were made in the 2nd round. In Lyon, this alliance with Gérard Collomb notably made it possible to block the alliance of the Extreme Left and the Greens.

On Edouard Phillipe and the future of the Republicans: Edouard Philippe betrayed his political family. If he is no longer Prime Minister, he will no longer be welcome to the Republicans. The project of Christian Jacob and the Republicans is long term.

LR wants to build a big project for France with 80 working groups all over France. Indeed, “we have lost all national elections for 8 years”. The time for humility had therefore come to come together and carry out substantive work to come back in force. This project will be embodied in the next presidential elections, “But this is not the time of the incarnation for the moment”.

Christian Jacob, who has opposed the primaries from the start, would prefer an incarnation that stands out naturally.

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