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On June 24, Eric Ciotti, MP for the Alpes-Maritimes and general rapporteur of the parliamentary inquiry committee on the coronavirus, was questioned on current media issues.

On Commission COVID-19 and said that it was necessary to shed light on the relevance of the response provided by the government to this pandemic. Nevertheless, the commission is working well, it was not won in advance and it is a good thing.

“We have already gathered a lot of information: we only had 100 million masks at the start of the crisis and essential orders were not placed until March. And we intend to continue.

In addition, notes from September 2018 insisted on the need to order a billion masks, and that stocks were out of date but nothing was done. ”

In Professor Raoult’s interview, M.Ciotti intends to ask him if the scientific controversy was really beneficial in this crisis.

But Professor Raoult’s testing strategy was unquestionably a success. It is therefore also important to understand why, apart from the IHU, France carried out 3000 tests per day against 50,000 in Germany. “It certainly led to more drastic confinement.

The government and the scientific council could not recommend a massive testing strategy when we didn’t have enough. The problem may be due to an administrative deadlock that prevented private laboratories and veterinary clinics from being mobilized in time to fight the virus. In Nice, the tests had to be carried out in Marseille for lack of means ”

On the Kohler case and the Financial Prosecutor’s Office, he said he had the impression that the intervention of the President of the Republic and the classification of the case were linked. This raises the very question of the existence of the financial prosecutor’s office and its independence. It is a complementary jurisdiction wanted by F. Holland. However, those who are far from power are often the targets. We saw it with the Fillon case. Behind the recent revelations about the case is the fate of France which has been changed. The speed of justice has been very important. “We must get the politics of justice out of it, the vitality of our democracy depends on it. The president’s decision to go to the National Judicial Council is the right one, but there has to be a judicial inquiry. You have to understand the origin of the pressures. He has the confidence of our fellow citizens in our democratic process. Eliminating the main candidate for power is a serious act.

Tags of the statue of Colbert and incidents, Eric Ciotti says he is shocked by the deterioration of public heritage assets. There have also been incidents at the Home Office. Mr. Castaner is not even able to protect his own ministry. We should not judge our History in light of that of the USA or in the light of our current knowledge. History is a block and it must be taken as such, it is necessary to put an end to these extrapolations and this permanent guilt which are ridiculous.

On “police violence” Certain slippages are controlled and punished, recent police trials are proof of this. Last year, the Directorate General of Services conducted nearly 1,400 investigations. It is one of the most controlled professions, unlike magistrates, as we have seen in the Fillon case. The police have no right to make mistakes.
In addition, the term police violence is not correct, as there is no systemic aspect. There are 107 assaults on average per day against law enforcement. They are the ones who suffer violence, they are a bulwark. Without them, it’s Chechen law. The police defend the Republic and our institutions, we must put the incidents in context and punish slippage.

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