#FRAPoli: Bruno Retailleau: “En Marche, it’s Emmanuel Macron all alone” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Bruno Retailleau, senator of Vendée president of the group Republicans in the Senate was the guest of Caroline Roux on France 2.

He returned to the results of the municipal elections. The strong abstention confirms a “democratic dead end”. According to Bruno Retailleau, “the French no longer trust public action”. It is also the result of the health crisis which has been badly managed by the government: shortage of masks, lack of equipment … This democratic deadlock has accelerated under the chairmanship of Emmanuel Macron. The senator of Vendée denounces the individualism which pushes the voters to the abstention: “there is an individualism which is killing the collective dimension of the policy”.

This health crisis shows that there is a real need for decentralization: “not everything can be managed from Paris and the Élysée Palace”. It was the mayors who were on the front line during the Coronavirus crisis. The President of the Republicans group in the Senate will propose a major decentralization law.

The senator notes that “the two big losers in the municipal elections are En Marche and the Rassemblement National”. He deduces that the French do not want this imposed match for the 2022 presidential election.

On the contrary, it is a victory for our movement. We have conquered many cities: Orleans, Metz … Bruno Retailleau concludes that “the Republicans have resisted well”.

The results of these municipal elections are also proof that the presidential party has no territorial anchorage: “On the march, it’s Emmanuel Macron alone. ”

The president of the group Republicans in the Senate analyzes the rise of the Europe Ecology The Greens party. If they managed to win a few cities, it is thanks to the far left. But, “environmentalists do not have a monopoly on ecology. A party cannot be a single subject. “Ecology must be everyone’s business and also our movement.

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