#CanPoli: Canada must do more to help the people of Hong Kong – #CDNPoli

In response to the implementation of China’s National Security Act, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Jack Harris made the following statement:

The new Chinese security law is more far-reaching than anticipated and has already resulted in dozens of arrests including for showing the most basic support for Hong Kong rights. The imposition of this law amounts to a betrayal and rejection the One China – Two Systems policy.

With vaguely defined offences, harsh sentences, control of the court process and the power to move cases to mainland China, and application outside of China to Hong Kong and foreign nationals, these laws are a grave threat to many people who so much as express concern or support for human rights or even defending the status quo.

Canada needs to work with the international community and our allies to build a united force to hold China to account, push back against this new law, and defend the rights of people in Hong Kong, in China, and around the world.

The Canadian government’s move to end the extradition treaty with Hong Kong is an important and necessary step, but it’s not enough.

Canada must go further and provide support for those who are at risk of persecution and are living in fear in Hong Kong or in fear of returning. By using regular immigration, family reunification, the refugee system, or special measures and in cooperation with other countries, the Canadian government must do what it can to help those in danger as a result of the new law.

Stopping China and supporting the people of Hong Kong will take a global response. Canada has an opportunity to play a crucial role.

We are calling on the government to rise to the challenge, welcome and protect people in need, and push back against this blatant attack on human rights and human lives.

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