#FRAPoli: Damien Abad: “We cannot give confidence to this government” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Damien Abad, Ain deputy chairman of the Republicans group in the National Assembly, was a guest of the Public Senate.

He regrets the ambiguity of the President of the Republic on the course to be set: “the captain changes but the team and the path remain unchanged”. The President of the Republic was disappointing: “I was expecting a more aggressive, more determined and more daring President of the Republic”. Damien Abad notes the gap between the speech of the President of the Republic and the reality: “he did not mention the question of the authority of the state, of the regal. This is a major topic. ”

The only thing he agrees with is that the government of Jean Castex is not a right-wing government. The MP for Ain regrets that there is no minister responsible for people with disabilities.

Jean Castex’s general policy speech “takes place within a very constrained framework: the President of the Republic said that there would be no new course, the majority remains on the left and the government is made of odds and ends. pitcher. ”

The group president explained that he would not vote for confidence in the government of Jean Castex: “we cannot give confidence to a government which has demonstrated its failure for 3 years”. Unlike the government, “we will put very concrete proposals on the table.”

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