#FRAPoli: Bruno Retailleau: “Emmanuel Macron taught me to distinguish between speeches and actions” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Bruno Retailleau, senator from Vendée, president of the Republican group in the Senate and member of the strategic council of our movement, was the guest of France Inter.

The senator remains cautious about the European recovery plan: “I will be more cautious than Emmanuel Macron on the European agreement”. The European stimulus plan is based on borrowing but “who says borrowing, says repayment. Will it be a tax? Will this be a step towards federalism? “.

In addition, Bruno Retailleau wants to preserve French jobs: “the stimulus plans risk boosting employment but employment in China and not in France”. For the president of the Republicans group in the Senate, “European rules on competition should be changed. We must build European champions. “He proposes, for example, the establishment of a” green border “. Europe must not be “the useful idiot: European money must boost European employment.” ”

The senator from Vendée also looks back on the three years of failure of the President of the Republic: “Emmanuel Macron taught me to distinguish between speeches and actions”. He first notes the failure of domestic politics: “There is a wilderness of society. I expect actions from Messrs. Dupond-Moretti and Darmanin ”. But he also notes the failure of Emmanuel Macron on the economic front: “In terms of deficit, before the start of the crisis, France was 27th in Europe. Only Romania was doing less well than France. In terms of unemployment, we were in 24th place. Is this the place of France? “.

To revive the economy, he asks Emmanuel Macron to be pragmatic: “It is not by working less and spending more that France will recover. ”

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