#FRAPoli: Brice Hortefeux: “Today, there is a rebound in crime in our country” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Brice Hortefeux, MEP and member of the leadership team of our movement, was a guest of LCI.

He observes the failure of Emmanuel Macron on sovereign issues: “Today, there is a rebound in delinquency in our country. Emmanuel Macron’s record over his first three years is a record of failure on security and migration issues. ”

For the MEP, the budget for security is not high enough: “When the state spends 1000 euros, only 25 are spent on security. We Republicans with Christian Jacob are proposing to increase the security budget. ”

More generally, this government is incapable of managing crises: “the management of crises by this government is a disaster. Yesterday, this government was unable to manage the yellow vests crisis. Today, he is failing to cope with the health crisis. It was necessary to protect the population with masks, to test, isolate and treat. Finally, I fear that the government will not succeed in managing the economic crisis that awaits us tomorrow ”.

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