#UKPoli: Students deserve the chance to appeal their A-level results for free – #UKPolitics

Due to the coronavirus crisis, young people have not only had to adapt to a new system of at-home learning, but many have also missed out on sitting crucial exams that would decide their university fate.

Now, many of these students across England have been left rightly worried about their futures over the government’s decision to use a botched grading system in their A-level results.

280,000 A-level entries have been awarded a lower grade than predicted by teachers, with 3% down two grades.

Despite Ministers being warned to take extra steps to ensure pupils were not unfairly penalised, the Conservative Government’s chaotic strategy has dismissed the concerns of teachers – those who know their pupils best – and left many students understandably anxious and disappointed.

Liberal Democrats demand that pupils have the chance to appeal their grades directly at no cost. This would involve them presenting evidence that best reflects their performance and progress. Ministers must also provide clear guidance on how re-sits will work – again, at no cost – and encourage universities to be flexible where necessary.

It is completely unacceptable for any student to be downgraded based on their family income, or any other factor. Liberal Democrats will do all we can to support pupils in the fight to ensure their futures are not robbed by this Conservative Government’s incompetence.

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