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For the deputy vice-president of LR, the right should not rush to choose its presidential candidate.

The Republicans had promised a united return. Several meetings are finally scheduled for the end of August and the beginning of September. How to explain this return in dispersed order?

The reverse is true: for the first time, there will be only one national summer university, in Port-Marly, with Christian Jacob and more than a thousand young people. The other meetings have a regional vocation: everywhere, our provinces express the urgent need for change in the face of Emmanuel Macron, who is too far from the field. France today is 1 trillion euros in taxes, 6 million unemployed, 2,700 billion euros in debt, 276,000 new immigrants in 2019, nearly 100 billion in tax and social fraud. Violence and insecurity have never been so strong: 13,500 detainees were released during the Covid crisis and 11 million French people say they live in insecurity. And what about this scourge of political Islam which is proliferating in our public space, our schools, our hospitals …? As for the France of the provinces, we are the forgotten ones. Everything is going crazy and the rulers only know how to comment: yes, France deserves a break with the single thought. The French must be reconciled with local elected officials and statesmen.

What line should the straight embody in this re-entry? What is his space?

Our only concern is the silent majority. These millions of French people who are fed up with violence, separatism, assistantship, senior officials and red ecologism. It’s up to us to show them that we are their spokespersons on all fundamental issues.

You insist on the ” break with single thought “. Concretely, what do you propose?

Common sense and courage. Against violence, let’s create, in each department, military-supervised re-education centers for recidivist juvenile delinquents. Against massive immigration, let us make social assistance conditional on three years of residence and work in France. Against political Islam, let’s defend secularism everywhere and for everyone. If the law is to protect faith, faith should never dictate the law: I propose to extend the laws of secularism, which exist today for our schools, to all public services and all private businesses. Against assistantship, let’s draw a gap between income from work and income from assistance. And we suggest that each RSA beneficiary and each unemployed person devote ten hours of work per week in associations or communities.

Against the red ecology which promotes communitarianism, but also against the deniers of the climate emergency, let us be the first party of the ecology of common sense: let us impose, for example, a VAT at 0% for direct sales, renovations energy of private buildings and train tickets. Let us support everywhere true lovers of nature, rural people, fishermen, hunters, farmers, local elected officials, hikers, associations, and particularly our youth.

How can the Republicans come to convince this ” silent majority You are talking about and to translate this concretely into the ballot box?

Look at our great victory in the municipal elections: we won 56% of the cities! It’s a good start. Around Christian Jacob, let us continue to work humbly.

François Baroin has not made known his decision to be a presidential candidate or not, which surprises elected officials and activists. Are you calling on him to respond quickly?

François Baroin is right to be patient. Let’s be wise: I call on contenders not to talk about the presidential election until the summer of 2021.

In a poll organized – without a scientific character – on Twitter by Senator LR, Bruno Retailleau is acclaimed to be the candidate for the right. Does he have the right profile?

It’s certainly not social media to set the tone. We need Bruno and all the talents in our family, but now is the time for some hard work.

The primary is still debated within LR. Should we maintain it?

No. The primary symbolizes the failure and poison of divisions. What is certain is that the French no longer want the Macron-Le Pen duel. All the favorites of today will be the losers of tomorrow. Let’s calmly wait for the dynamics of summer 2021. The only primary that counts is the popular dynamic just before the presidential election. A dynamic based on three qualities: envy, charisma and courage. Is it necessary to have a short memory not to remember that Mitterrand triumphed over Rocard, that Chirac surprised Balladur, that Sarkozy overwhelmed the fashions of political correctness or that Macron thwarted the forecasts?

Xavier Bertrand is preparing for 2022. How to avoid a clash of two right-wing candidates in the first round of the presidential election?

Xavier Bertrand, a very good president of Hauts-de-France, is right to focus on the regional election first. In a year, the best will appear naturally. Who will dare to stand against the best of us, whoever they are?

At the beginning of February, in Le Figaro, you thought ” seriously to conquer »The Center-Val de Loire region. Will you be a candidate next March?

For the past five years, I have been fully invested in it as chairman of the Republicans, Centrists and Independents group. I passionately love my region and our extraordinary cultural and natural heritage. I suffer to see her at the bottom of the economic and social rankings. Here again, a break is called for. With many elected officials and in a spirit of collective struggle, we are preparing for it like never before, but I will make my decision in the fall. You know, at home, in Sologne, in our ponds, we love fishing: what better school of patience and tenacity?

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