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LR president Christian Jacob invites the right not to “skip the steps” to the detriment of substantive work.

The Prime Minister is everywhere. How do you judge him?

I have noticed that he enjoys speaking a lot and often, but I’m not sure anyone understood what they wanted to do.

Regarding the regal, Jean Castex says he wants acts without ” matamorism “…

On the regal, Emmanuel Macron’s record is catastrophic. There is an explosion of insecurity at all levels. More than 20% assault and battery in three years, 45% of criminals remain free for six months after being sentenced to prison, more than 13,000 prisoners released during the Covid … This is unheard of! The reality is, there are fewer criminals behind bars than there were under Ms. Taubira! That is to say. Meanwhile, the Home Secretary’s only reaction is to comment on Twitter and the Justice Minister’s is to say he is against prison. We cannot say that all this is crowned with concrete actions. At the moment, there is nothing.

When Gérald Darmanin speaks of the “savage” of society, does he not put words on a reality, as Nicolas Sarkozy did?

As we could see again Wednesday in Grenoble with the videos of drug sales in a kindergarten, we need a real Minister of the Interior, not a commentator. Nicolas Sarkozy, he acted and obtained results. As for copying it, luckily for Mr. Darmanin that ridicule does not kill because it becomes pathetic. It’s not Sarkozy who wants it.

On security or the territories, isn’t the new government addressing the weaknesses of the executive that you regularly denounce?

But where is the action? There is a real problem of authority and security in France. This is why we are in favor of the reintroduction of minimum sentences, the generalization of geolocated bracelets, the actual execution of sentences, the end of systematic reductions in sentences … We need a “prisons” plan. According to Eurostat, France is the 2nd country in Europe in number of assaults and the 17th in number of imprisonments. As for immigration, the figures are exploding: up 20% for three years, or 50% more than in Sarkozy’s five-year term. In reality, it is laxity on all floors, Place Beauvau and Place Vendôme. It’s time to stop the formulas and take action.

One year after your election, what is the line of the Republicans?

It is based on three points: freedom, security and progress. We must recreate a space of freedom for companies as well as for individual freedoms. Regarding security, there needs to be a significant reorientation of resources towards the police and justice, and protection of those responsible for public order. Likewise, a determined fight against radicalization and communitarianism must be initiated. Nothing has been done on secularism! Finally, progress: first social progress which involves valuing work, increasing purchasing power, and finally research and innovation, while respecting the environment and according to the principles of development sustainable.

You wanted a unified return to the right, it is done in dispersed order …

I had set myself three goals. The first was to get our political family back to work. After more than 90 meetings, a dozen forums and a 200-page progress report, I believe this work is well underway. Then we had to win again and this was the result of the municipal elections. 50% of cities in France are administered by LR and 2% by LREM. This is a bitter failure for LREM. Finally, it is true that I wanted a return to school as unified as possible, but because of the health crisis, we were forced to postpone our scheduled meeting in Nîmes by one week, which ended up being superimposed on the meetings. regional. A thousand young people from all the departments are expected in Port-Marly. The most important thing is the success of this meeting of young people.

The question of incarnation remains on the right. Isn’t there a risk that there will be more applications for LR?

That’s the risk with a primary. But I do not despair of having a candidate who wins naturally. If this is not the case before the summer, then we will have to collectively think about a “tiebreaker” system. Nothing would be worse than to skip the steps by focusing this fall on the question of the primary to the detriment of in-depth work, the debate of ideas and the reconquest of territories. The senatorial, departmental and regional are essential stages on the road to reconquest.

Do you still think that François Baroin can be a candidate?

Everyone knows my position. He has the qualities, skills, authority and charisma to be a great president. He is fully aware of the political situation we are facing. But the decision is up to him.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if LR knew this quickly?

Do you mean Republicans or potential candidates? If it was enough to nominate a candidate two years in advance to win a presidential election it would be obvious. A presidential election is not a casting. First of all, it is the result of an ability to bring together. The more we work on the substance, the more the differences between us become blurred. This is what I have been doing for a year.

Does the shadow of Nicolas Sarkozy weaken the reconstruction of the right?

No. I consider Nicolas Sarkozy to be an asset for the right. He is a reference for us.

Ex-LR, Jean Castex accuses you of not having sufficiently supported, in the municipal elections, the mayor of Perpignan facing the RN. What do you answer him?

I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Castex in a public meeting or at meetings in support of Jean-Marc Pujol in which I intervened. Nicolas Sarkozy and François Baroin also supported him very clearly. As for Mr. Castex who returns his LR card a few days before being appointed to Matignon, that says a lot about the strength of his convictions.

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