#FRAPoli: Eric Ciotti: “The French are concerned about the development of crime and delinquency” – #FrancePolitics #FRPoli

Eric Ciotti, Member of Parliament for Alpes-Maritimes and President of the National Investiture Commission of our movement, was Laurence Ferrari’s guest on CNEWS.

He notes the increase in insecurity in our country: “The French are concerned about the development of crime and delinquency. This self-righteousness which challenges the evolution of crime and delinquency, starting with the Minister of Justice, must listen to the French. ”

Responses to insecurity are too weak: “Today, we respond to insecurity with loopholes. In addition, there are different types of criminal responses: “A call to the law is a criminal response but it is a very weak response.” The deputy does not “see courage in those who govern us to act”. For example, “let’s apply minimum penalties from the first attack on a police officer, a gendarme, a firefighter… They embody the Republic. ”

The CNI president also points to the state’s lack of authority in the face of the spread of the virus: “the absence of a decision allows the virus to spread”. He takes the example of the rave party this weekend: “We allowed this forbidden demonstration to spread. How do you want the French to find their way there? ”

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