#UKPoli: Bradshaw welcomes funding for Belfast Greenway projects – #UKPolitics

Alliance Health Spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has welcomed a package of close to £1m funding for two Belfast Greenway projects announced by the Infrastructure Minister.

The South Belfast MLA stated: “Naturally I am pleased to see the Lagan Gateway Greenway prioritised in this funding package, as that will provide a vital connection both for cyclists and pedestrians to Belvoir Forest Park and thus make the park more accessible to people from a wide range of nearby areas.

“The funding for the Forth Meadow Greenway is also very much welcome, as it will provide an important interconnection in the west of the city.

“Both projects are essential to encouraging people to get out in the local environment, and subject to matched funding from the City Council will provide a safe way to encourage people of all age to get out walking and cycling.

“I also hope to see similar progress on other similar projects elsewhere in South Belfast and neighbouring constituencies in cooperation with local communities soon.”

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